Emmy Awards 2011: The Liveblog

by Ethan Alter September 19, 2011
Emmy Awards 2011

9:55 - Woah! Is this actually happening? Two awards for FNL? Drama writing and Lead Actor at long last? My mind is officially blown.

9:56 - Could this mean Mad Men is going home empty handed for the first time ever? That would be a real shame, but hard to feel bad about FNL finally being recognized.

9:57 - Reasons we love Kyle Chandler #1201: Because he actually says stuff like "Gosh almighty" in real life.

9:58 - I do hope the Emmys remember to honor Jon Hamm next year, even with his nemesis Bryan Cranston likely back in the mix. Don Draper is too iconic a role not to net him some kind of recognition.

10:00 - Paying honor to perennial Emmy loser Stephen Colbert by eating a scoop of B&J's "Americone Dream." Jon Stewart may have a gazillion Emmys in his closet, but does he have his own ice cream flavor? I THINK NOT! Check and mate, sir.

10:04 - And now we enter the Movies and Miniseries portion of the evening, which tonight would be better labeled The Mildred Pierce and Downton Abbey Awards. For almost everyone at home, it's better known as Bathroom Break.

10:05 - "A lot of people are very curious why I'm a lesbian. Ladies and gentlemen, the cast of Entourage." Perfect kiss-off to a show that's we've already forgotten about.

10:07 - Downton Abbey = Crack for Anglophiles and public television addicts. When is Season 2 starting up again?

10:09 - "Maggie Smith was really good, but she was still playing Maggie Smith," my wife astutely points out. Very true. But I'd be scared not to give her that Emmy. I think it's been confirmed that her withering glare literally makes people wither up.

10:16 - The woman that won presenting alongside the woman that shoulda won. It's like that engagement party toasting scene from Bridesmaids all over again.

10:17 - Oh man, I'd be so happy if Edgar Ramirez won the Best Actor award for Carlos. Fantastic film - shoulda gotten him an Oscar nod last year.

10:18 - But no, The Kennedys wins instead. And Barry Pepper couldn't even be bothered to show up to collect it!

10:18 - C'mon Carlos, you've got a second chance!

10:19 - Aaaand it's gone. Downton Abbey wins again, this time for direction. So much for that Mildred Pierce domination theory. Maybe if it had been directed by Martin Scorsese...

10:19 - The acceptance speeches have been kept really close to time tonight across the board. Oscar winners could learn a thing or two from their TV brethren.

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