Emmy Awards 2011: The Liveblog

by Ethan Alter September 19, 2011
Emmy Awards 2011

9:27 - Part of me hopes The Killing wins just to see my Twitter feed erupt in cries of disgust.

9:28 - Holy crap! Now that's is the kind of upset I can live with. Clear eyes, full hearts, finally won!

9:29 - And now my Twitter feed is erupting with cries of happiness for FNL scooping up the dramatic writing Emmy. That's much better than disgust.

9:30 - That's marvelous. And what a classy speech. We're calling it - most satisfying win of the night so far.

9:30 - Another wonderful surprise with Margo Martindale taking home the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress! Okay, so far the Drama category is making this entire night worthwhile.

9:31 - My fave non-Justified Margo performances: The Rocketeer, Million Dollar Baby, Walk Hard among others.

9:31 - "I love you Graham, even though you killed me." That speech should come with a spoiler warning for all those watching Justified on disc. (

9:36 - Even though she didn't win tonight, Christina Hendricks can go home confident that she still retains the award for Best Supported Actress. [rimshot]

9:38 - No way Martin Scorsese is not being given a Best Director statue, right? I mean, c'mon. This is MARTIN SCORSESE people.

9:39 - Toldja! I love Game of Thrones too, but this category was decided as soon as Scorsese was nominated. If Carell won't EGOT, Marty totally could. He just needs the T at this point.

9:40 - For Tony, I recommend directing a stage version of GoodFellas (Call it Wise Guys!.)

9:42 - Woo hoo! And Peter Dinklage deservedly gets the win for Best Supporting Actor. And he gets the best announcer line of the night: "Game of Thrones is filmed on location in Awesomeland." It's a good night to be a Lannister.

9:44: My wife gets the night's other best line: "They keep mentioning Katie Holmes like we care."

9:49 - This Jersey routine would have been funnier two years ago... like when Jersey Shore was actually fresh and stuff.

9:50 - "Please welcome Bryan Cranston and Katie Holmes." Neither of whom is from Jersey. Fail, Emmys, fail.

9:52 - An I Love Lucy reference now? Ugh, please stop, announcer guy. But props to Julianna. Another deserved win in a category that's full of 'em so far.

9:54 - Hey, it's the new Charlie's Angels! But why is Drew passing the torch? She was only an Angel for two movies. Did Jaclyn and Kate just refuse to show up?

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