Emmy Awards 2011: The Liveblog

by Ethan Alter September 19, 2011
Emmy Awards 2011

8:53 - Signs your show has gone on to long. That Office joke reel was funnier than the entire seventh season. Except for Ashton, natch.

8:54 - I officially feel bad for Joel, Zach and Cobie. Taraji and Wilmer NSM.

8:56 - Okay, leaving comedy behind for now. Kind of, anyway. I can't imagine anyone taking Keeping Up with the Kardashians seriously.

8:58 - If it weren't for the high heels, Kaley and Spade would be the same height. That would be funnier than any of their scripted banter.

9:00 - After a year off, TAR scoops up another statue. For a really sub-par season too.

9:01 - Shoulda been Top Chef's year. That was the superior all-star season by far.

9:02 - Awesome, the variety show writing nominations are always a high point. Look, puppies! And Justin! And puppies! And Conan being a pompous ass. Good times, good times.

9:03 - To no one's surprise, The Daily Show wins again for writing. Can't argue with that, though I feel like I should on Colbert's behalf.

9:09 - America, trust us. New Girl is much funnier than those teasers make it look.

9:10 - Not surprised they're going for a "Captain Jack" victory lap, but that video is hard to top.

9:12 - Yeah, all these songs work better as digital shorts than live performances. Nice way to shoehorn in Bill Macy, though.

9:14 - Hey, Saturday Night Live won something! So that's why Lonely Island showed up. Way to tip your hand, Emmy producers.

9:16 - The height disparity games continue! Anna looks like she could fold Scott up and put her in her pocket.

9:17 - Agreed with all those commentators who don't care for the announcer's "jokes" that fill the dead air as the winners make their way to the stage. Might be funnier if we could actually hear them...

9:18 - Good on ya, Stewart, for giving a shout-out to Colbert. He's starting to look a little downcast as the number of Emmy awards in this category dwindle.

9:20 - Hey, it's an add for the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em robot movie! Brought to you by the team behind Date Night and Night at the Museum. Which means it'll almost certainly be better in concept than execution.

9:23 - So we're about 90 minutes in and so far there's only been one actual surprise win. Is it too much to hope for just one more upset as we enter the second half?

9:25 - Just as long as that upset isn't Jon Hamm losing his deserved Best Actor statue to Hugh Laurie. That wouldn't be a surprise - that could officially be classified as a natural disaster.

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