Emmy Awards 2011: The Liveblog

by Ethan Alter September 19, 2011
Emmy Awards 2011

8:24 - I still love Ricky Gervais, but he's beating the Golden Globes thing into the ground. Let's all move on, huh? Even Jane Lynch agrees.

8:26 - Something else besides Modern Family is going to win tonight, yes? It can't sweep every category. I think that's illegal in the state of California.

8:28 - Man, the stage patter is just not clicking tonight. Even with naturally funny people like Will and Zooey speaking it.

8:29 - Aaaaand Modern Family goes 4 for 4. Look out Mildred Pierce! It's coming for you too and it ain't even nominated in that category.

8:32 - So the Modern Family cast can just go home now, right? Or at least hit the bar until the show gets its Best Comedy Emmy in three hours.

8:37 - "Welcome back to the Modern Family awards." Sounds about right.

8:38 - Hoo boy, they let Charlie Sheen in the building? This should be interesting.

8:39 - "I wish you nothing but the best from this upcoming season." That didn't sound forced AT ALL. Neither did the applause. Suddenly missing the batshit-crazy Charlie Sheen.

8:40 - And Steve Carell get shut out completely for his Office run! No chance of EGOTing anytime soon.

8:41 - Does this mean we're going to be getting Get Smart 2? Carell's just like "Screw it, awards are for pussies. Let's see if Jim Parsons could open a freakin' movie!"

8:42 - Oh man, how much do I love Amy Poehler? This much. That bum-rushing-the-stage move makes up for the weird blue spandex thing she's wearing.

8:43 - Would love to know who planned this stage invasion. My guess is Tina and Amy working together. They're like the Batman and Robin of funny live award stunts. (But why are Edie Falco and Laura Linney on stage with the stars of comedies? Oh wait...)

8:45 - Woah! Melissa McCarthy -- the night's first major surprise. Can we credit Bridesmaids with that victory? Or should we just really be watching Mike & Molly? (Don't answer: we know it's the former.)

8:46 - Not that I'm unhappy to see Melissa win at all mind you. She did all the real work at the Dragonfly Inn, after all.

8:49 - Hmmm, a Bridesmaids DVD promo in the ads. Yup, the fix was in we'd say.

8:50 - Parks and Rec's Michael Schur tweet confirms that stunt was Amy's idea. Another reason she shoulda won. But we still love ya, Melissa!

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