Emmy Awards 2011: The Liveblog

by Ethan Alter September 19, 2011
Emmy Awards 2011

Counting down the minutes folks! The live blog starts at 8 sharp.

8:00 - And we're off! How will tonight's opening skit compare to last year's great "Born to Run" homage? I can never remember whether it's okay to like Jimmy Fallon now or not, but that was a pretty great beginning. Bonus points for the Jon Hamm/Jorge Garcia cameos.

8:01 - Leonard Nimoy! That's a good way to start, for sure. Glad he doesn't actually know the meaning of "retirement." (Perhaps the word doesn't exist in Vulcan?)

8:02 - Hmm, yeah I prefer the Springsteen already. C'mon Jane, show tunes are soooo 1995.

8:03 - Oh Jeremy Piven. We won't miss you at all.

8:04 - I like that they don't even let Nick Offerman be his actual self. That's how giant a shadow Ron Swanson casts now.

8:05 - Awww, couldn't we have seen more FNL? I know Mad Men is probably winning Best Drama, but give those boys a victory lap!

8:06 - Opening skit grade: C+. Some fun cameos (the Mad Men bit was note-perfect), but definitely not on par with last year. Sorry Jane. Look forward to your monologue though!

8:09 - And Jane becomes the first TV person to hit up Martin Scorsese for work. The perils of sitting in the front row. Strangely short monologue (not that I'm complaining!).

8:10 - The EmmyTones, huh? Happy with five out of the six of them anyway. Who the hell let Wilmer onstage?

8:11 - Late night show host duel! I would've thought Fallon would be more of a scrapper.

8:14 - Wow, Julie Bowen beats out Sofia Vergara for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy. How much friction will that cause on the set tomorrow morning? Consider it hazard pay for her stint on Lost. But seriously, very much deserved. She's been the most underrated performer on the show.

8:15 - She's as shocked about winning as Sofia is! Nice two husbands line though. And you couldn't ask for a better way to celebrate an anniversary.

8:16 - Ouch. And this is why Julianna gets nominated in the dramatic category.

8:17 - Ty Burrell's win for Supporting Actor makes this an (onscreen) husband and wife victory! So Modern Family is winning it all tonight, huh?

8:18 - Hmm, both the presenter and winner weren't exactly on in terms of getting laughs. Are we sure this was the comedy category?

8:23 - "If I didn't have to host this show, I'd be home eating a tub of turkey meatballs." So that's how Sue spends her nights at home!

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