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We All Live In A Nazi Submarine

Props to Greg and, er, Sarah the Killer Bunny, for being very nice about my little problem with homonyms. Oh, and hi, whoever wrote the Angel quiz for WPIX!

A few pieces of business before I get going here. First, I know last week was Angel's 100th episode, but this is my 100th Angel recap, and that's obviously much more important. By which I mean "deeply disturbing to contemplate." Also, this is officially Angel's last season. Seriously, five years seems about right to me. Finally, since I remembered to tape it this time, can we talk about that promo that runs during the closing credits for Smallville? The one where you hear a familiar voice saying, "Hi, I'm Spike, and next it's an all new Angel on The WB Wednesday night." How fucking weird is that thing? It'd be one thing if he said, "I'm James Marsters, and next it's an all new Angel." But he's introducing himself as the character. It's creepy. Johanna and I talked about it and decided that it must be because, if he said "I'm James Marsters" without the accent, the audience would say, "Who?" and if he said he was James Marsters with the accent, it would be even creepier.

We open with a shot of a sub. I suspect that somewhere under the gigantic HDTV logo, there's a caption that says, "Atlantic Ocean, 1943." Nazis. Sigh. Did we learn nothing from Doyle's death? Keep away from the Nazi stories.

Inside the sub, there's much panicking. One crewman radios for help as the others rush into a compartment. Their captain screams some orders and is abruptly dragged backward through a hatch. Then he's thrown back into the compartment with a wounded neck. A dark-haired crewman named Lawson starts dragging the captain backwards, and then we go to a POV shot of something rushing out and pulling the captain back. Why throw him away if you're just gonna grab him again? Blood sprays over Lawson's face. He screams, "Captain!" and then ducks through another hatch, slamming it shut.

At Wolfram & Hart, the MoG have gathered for a late-night meeting. Gunn reports that they haven't been able to locate Eve. Which means that enough time has passed since the last episode for them to notice Eve's absence and look for her. Just saying. Angel says he's okay with Eve's disappearance, but Wesley points out, "She did leave swearing vengeance. That doesn't usually go well for us." Cary suggests that the Senior Partners may have sucked her up in their magical vacuum cleaner. Angel asks Gunn to make sure that the Senior Partners have Lindsey under control, as well. Gunn says, "The White Room is empty, the liaison to the Senior Partners has vanished; it's hard getting information anymore." He suggests that they could "establish a new liaison through a, uh, through a protocol...." Gun stammers to a halt and excuses himself by saying he's tired. Angel ends the meeting, and then they all start grumbling about the work they have to do. Wesley has some "spell-detailing," Gunn has briefings to read, and Fred has to redo an experiment Knox screwed up. Wesley snipes, "Yes, he is unreliable." Angel asks, "Should we at least meet back here in a few hours and talk about work some more?" They agree. Freaks.

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