War Zone

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War Zone

Wesley and Cordy pull up in Angel's convertible. Cordy babbles about sun and salt air, pretending that they aren't actually parked in Los Angeles' famous "abandoned warehouse" district. Wesley wonders if the kids have tapped into a power line to get electricity, and says, "If I can spot the tap, that would tell us where their hide-out is." Is looking for a tapped power line somehow easier than looking for a group of kids? Wesley tells Cordy to ask the nearby homeless man about the kids, while he checks the power line.

One of the kids is toying with his crossbow when an arm grabs him and pulls him around the corner. "Ask me in," Angel orders. Gunn's gang is arming for battle as Angel strides in with the kid, saying for the third time that they're going to get people killed. Gunn glares at the kid, who says defensively, "I suck, okay?" Angel says that the vampires are expecting an attack. Gunn says, "I don't need advice from some middle-class white dude that's dead." Angel says he can help, "unless, of course, death is what you're after. Then you're on your own." Gunn says he's always on his own, Angel says it doesn't have to be that way and asks, "Why can't we do this together?" Gunn reaches up and pulls a cord, opening the curtain so light streams in on Angel's face. He recoils, and Gunn pushes him into a small room, suggesting, "You figure it out," as the door slams shut. The gang heads out as Angel pounds on the door.

The truck pulls up in an alley. Hey, Chain's got a homemade blowtorch! Neat. Gunn says he wants ten minutes to check out the building. Chain asks, "What if you're not back in ten?" Gunn says, "Come on down, kill anything that moves." He heads inside, holding stake at the ready. He walks down a winding passage and pushes a door open, entering a large room. We hear a woman humming, and Gunn calls out, "Alonna?" She steps out from behind a corner and asks, "Hey big brother, what took you so long?" He smiles, relieved to see her, and also very stupid. He approaches her, and then stops when his brain starts working again. Alonna tells him not to be sad, asking, "Do I look dead to you? I'm stronger, faster, and better than ever." Then she asks, "Wanna see?" and giggles before shoving him across the room.

After the commercials, Angel is still pounding on the door. He examines the wooden wall panels, and decides to pound on them for a while. He manages to break through, but there's a grating behind the panels.

Alonna tells Gunn, "We were on the right track, just the wrong team. All that rage and hatred we got, get to keep all that. Except on this side, there's no guilt, there's no grief. Just the hunt and the kill. And the fun." Gunn looks at her sadly as she adds, "Come on, how often did we go out in the daylight anyway?" He says, "I was never gonna let anything happen to you." He has really lovely eyes. Alonna says she's still his sister, but Gunn shakes his head. "Then why don't you kill me?" she asks. When he doesn't move, she says, "You can't! 'Cause you got the guilt." She offers to free him from guilt, so they can be together forever.

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