War Zone

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War Zone

A vamped-out skinhead grumbles, "Street trash, that's what they are." He sits, surrounded by the rest of the vampires, in a big room with a lot of fluorescent lighting. He's kind of like the Master's long-lost nephew, who never amounted to anything. Anyway, he begins lecturing the others: "For seventy years, we ruled this neighborhood. It was our neighborhood. Used to be, decent people lived here. Working people. And now? Can't even finish one without wanting to puke!" Ty and the others look duly chagrined at this sad state of affairs. Master-lite declares, "It's our fault. We let this happen. We got lazy, we dropped our guard." He asks Ty if he's even been lured into an ambush before, and Ty shakes his head. Master-lite says, "Ty's been around for almost as long as me. He survived, like me, 'cause he's smart. But they did this to him, and that means they could do it to any one of us. And why? Because this street trash ain't afraid to go for the heart." Master-lite whips out a stake and dusts Ty. Master-lite declares that they have to do the same: "No more picking them off one by one. We concentrate on the heart." Wolfram & Hart?

Cut to Gunn's gang. Alonna is arguing that Angel could be useful to them. "I'm just thinking, he knows stuff that we don't, and he didn't have to do what he did." Gunn says that Angel bugs him, and Alonna says, "Everybody bugs you." "You bug me the most," he retorts. Aw. Gunn wonders what Angel wants if he's not hunting, "And why the hell would he come to a place like this?" For the blipverts, maybe?

Angel exits the sewers into the apparently empty vamp hide-out. His shoes appear to be freshly polished. He strolls about, holding a stake, and we see that a vampire is watching from a perch in the ceiling. Angel stops, and then slowly steps to one side as the vampire crashes to the floor next to him. If he'd moved faster, I'd have bought it, but as it was that just made him look lucky to have such a stupid opponent. Angel grabs the vamp and shoves him against a wall, asking where the others are.

Gunn is loading his stupid stake-gun. Alonna approaches and offers him food, he isn't hungry, she nags him about eating, time slows to a crawl. Gunn suddenly looks around, perhaps alerted to danger approaching by the soundtrack. He stands and orders her to get everyone out of the building. She does this by wailing, "Everybody out, c'mon, go!" Seems as if he could have done that just as easily. A small canister suddenly flies through a window, letting sunlight stream in, and then smoke fills the room. One of the gang, I think Chain, asks, "They're coming in? Don't they have to be invited?" Gunn calls for Chain as everyone else runs for the door. Chain says that he doesn't see anything, and Gunn finally gets a clue and, horrified, runs upstairs screaming for Alonna. A van pulls up outside, and some vamps covered head-to-toe in coats, hats, and gas masks grab Alonna. They pull her into the van and drive away as Gunn leaps out and gives chase. He pulls himself onto the back of the van and peers through the window. He sees Alonna screaming as the vamps begin sinking their teeth into her arms. One of the vamps looks up and, seeing Gunn, smashes a fist through the window, knocking Gunn off the van. That was pretty effective, and would have been even more effective if it hadn't been so reminiscent of Angel watching Kate's dad get attacked. And it might have helped if Alonna hadn't been so totally useless.

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