War Zone

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War Zone

A few more guys attack, including Totally-Useless. Angel kicks her away, but she picks herself back up and runs at him again. This time Angel grabs her just as Gunn enters, armed with a crossbow, and shouts, "Alonna!" As the rest of the group surrounds him, Angel holds Alonna as a human shield. "You're gonna get yourselves killed," Angel says. "We gonna get you killed first," is Gunn's response. Angel releases Alonna, and she collapses to the ground, right on a trip-wire. Angel puts his hand out to block the arrow that shoots out toward Alonna's head. "Ow!" he says, as the arrow punctures his palm. He tells Gunn, "I'm getting the impression you don't like me too much." He pulls the arrow out of his hand and grumbles, "Maybe I'm just overreacting." Gunn asks if Angel is going to pretend to be different from other vampires. Angel answers, "Yeah, then I'll just pretend I just saved her life. You put a lot of work into this. There's some clever stuff, really. I'm impressed. But I have a few suggestions." Gunn says they aren't interested, and Angel tosses the arrow across the floor and asks, "Who do you think that would have killed? We're fighting on the same side." Angel adds that he isn't there to kill them, but Gunn doesn't care, saying, "If you ever show your face down here again, don't count on any long goodbyes." Gunn's gang slowly leaves the room, leaving Angel a blipvert.

Back at the office, Wesley says that David will be happy to get the pictures back while Cordelia -- aiieee! -- is bandaging Angel's chest. Wesley flips through the photos and says, "Oh my." Angel looks over Wesley's shoulder and explains, "It's upside down." Cordy tapes a bandage down just above Angel's nipple. There's no way she's getting paid enough for this. Cordy asks, "How's that feel?" and Wesley, occupied with the photos, says, "I can't possibly imagine it was pleasant." Cordy explains that she was talking to Angel. "Feels better," he says, as he pulls his shirt on, and I certainly feel better now that he's clothed. She suggests that he should rest, "You look --" "Like I've been beaten and stabbed?" Angel asks. Cordy offers to show him David's check again, but Angel says he should go find Gunn's gang. Cordy is inexplicably moved: "Twenty minutes ride from billionaires and crab-puffs, kids going to war." Angel theorizes, "They've been pushed to this," and again says that they'll get themselves killed. Figuring there must be a vampire nest in the area, he asks Wesley to figure out where the kids live while Angel looks for the vamps. He painfully pulls on his coat, steps into the elevator, and then looks back and asks, "Can I just see that check again?" Since when did Angel care about money? If it'd been a funny joke, I wouldn't mind, but it wasn't, and it was way out of character. So there.

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