War Zone

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War Zone

Cordelia and Wesley accept a check from David to cover their "expenses to date." David adds that he appreciates what they did at the party. Wesley and Cordy are confused until David clarifies, "We talked, we had some good times. It meant a lot to me." Wesley points out that they were paid to be there, and David says that's true, but "I do that all the time. You guys actually hung with me. It was special." Cordy snatches the check before Wesley can take it, and is clearly stunned by its amount. She shows it to Wesley, who says, "I think there must be some mistake." David says he believes in rewarding good work. Wesley says it's very generous, but they haven't even completed the job yet. David says, "It's only money. And I've got sackfulls," before ordering them to call him David, and not "Mr. Nabbit," as they have been doing. Cordy says, "I like David. It's such a strong, masculine name. It just feels good in your mouth." David chuckles blissfully. Wesley thanks David again and pulls Cordy toward the door, whispering, "Feels good in your mouth?" Cordy whimpers, "I was flustered!"

Nighttime cityscape. Cut to Lenny sitting on his car, holding a manila envelope. Angel materializes, startling Lenny. Angel asks for the pictures, and Lenny hands over the envelope before mentioning that he also brought "a little something extra." Of course, the something extra is a demon who suddenly punches Angel with enough force to send him flying through the air. The demon throws Angel onto a car and begins trying to squish his big head into a more normal shape. Angel makes with the kicking and tripping, then knocks Lenny down and grabs the photos. As the demon comes after him, Angel races to a "No parking any time" sign and does a full Xena, swinging around on the pole and smashing his feet into the demon. Because street signs are on round poles like that. Punches are exchanged. Wrestling occurs. Angel finally snaps the demon's neck, and Lenny runs away. Angel kneels down, panting for breath, and suddenly falls forward when a stake shoots through his left shoulder. Those darn kids!

Angel turns to see the truckload of vampire vigilantes behind him, and after pulling the stake out, starts to run away. He pulls a trash bin out in front of the truck, forcing it to swerve. Then his path is blocked by a chain-link fence, which he couldn't possibly climb, much less jump over with his bionic vamp-powers. He rolls under a partially open garage door and into a warehouse. As he pauses to catch his non-breath, one of the large spikes tied to the front of the truck crashes through the door behind him. He starts running again, and it's kind of like the cave at the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark, only an inner-city version. Metal grates lined with spikes fall toward him, trip-wires set of torrents of arrows; they've got everything but the rolling boulder of doom in there. A vigilante attacks with a stake, and Angel wrestles it away and throws the boy to the ground, almost stabbing his attacker with the stake before stopping himself. He drops it instead, and continues running.

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