War Zone

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War Zone

Totally-Useless thinks that Gunn won't be happy until he gets "as close to death as [he] possibly can." Gunn is too busy denying this to notice when a large anvil smashes to the floor behind him. The hand-held camera begins shaking nervously as Gunn holds Totally-Useless's hand and reassures her. A door opens, and the cameraman walks away from Gunn and Totally-Useless and toward the stairs, as one of the sidekicks descends the staircase. That shot did not justify having the camera wobbling around making me feel queasy. I hate the director. Gunn asks if the sidekick, "Chain," had any luck, and Chain says, "Dead boy lead me right to its nest." Hey, "Dead Boy" was Xander's pet name for Angel! Chain tells Gunn that the vamps have a nest just a few blocks away, "under the old blue jean factory." Another sidekick hurries in and announces, "Incoming! Moving this way, fast! Jumping rooftop to rooftop!" Gunn is annoyed and asks Chain, "You were followed?" He and Chain hurry upstairs.

Back at ground level, Lenny the blackmailer steps out of his car and turns to see Angel beside him. Lenny asks, "What do you want?" Angel replies thoughtfully, "Love, family, a place on this planet I can call my own. But you know what? I'm never gonna have any of those things. And unless these next few minutes go exactly the way I want them to, neither are you. Where are the pictures of David Nabbit?" Lenny denies knowing who David is, and Angel chortles, "Ho ho! You only get one lie, I probably should have mentioned that first." Angel, there's a fine line between cool and affected, and you've broken some distance records by leaping over it that way. Lenny says, "You're obviously not from around here," and puts his hand on Angel's shoulder. Angel gives the hand a little glance, which was probably meant to suggest "barely contained righteous anger," but which comes off more as "mildly irritated." From behind a fence, Gunn and Chain watch the conversation. Lenny tells Angel, "You do not want to see my bad side." Angel raises his eyebrows while he still has them, and says, "You show me yours --" before vamping out and concluding, "I'll show you mine." He pushes Lenny against the car and tells him, "So now I'm from around here. In fact, I'm moving in, I'm taking over, you understand me? I will dog you every night, for the rest of your very short life, until you bring me what I want. Are we clear?" Lenny nods, and Angel says, "See you tomorrow," before releasing him and vanishing. Um, couldn't he have at least tried to get the pictures immediately? Oh, but all this is just the MacGuffin. I forgot. Lenny gets into his car and leaves. Chain asks Gunn, "He's moving in, huh?" Gunn glares straight ahead and answers, "Yeah, well he ain't gonna stay too long."

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