War Zone

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War Zone

Cut to Madam Dorion's. Various pointy-eared, funky looking girls are exchanging smooches with some visitors as Angel strolls in and steps up to the corner bar. Apparently Madam Dorion thinks that an erotic, decadent atmosphere can best be created by decorating the main room as if it's an office lobby. Lots of neutrals, lots of little lamps, all the furniture is available at your nearest Scan. Of course, Madam Dorion herself is wearing a gray business suit as she approaches and tells Angel, "We don't do vampires." Angel pulls out a picture of Lenny but Madam Dorion won't answer his questions. As she tries to hustle him out the door, Angel notes that she's discreet, and asks, "How discreet would you say it is for one of your clients to be secretly photographed and then blackmailed?" Well, if he's secretly photographed, that's still fairly discreet. Angel says that if he can find Lenny, then maybe he keep word from getting out and ruining Madam Dorion's business. She asks which girl was involved, and Angel says that his client is David Nabbit. Madam Dorion calls, "Lina!" A busty young lady in a teddy and pink feathery hair strolls out and begins toying with Angel's jacket collar as she says, "He's a pretty one." Maybe by demon standards. Madam Dorion says that Angel is a vampire, and Lina tells him, "Just don't do that face thing, and we'll get along great!" Then she turns around to face Madam Dorion and says, "Look ma! No hands!" We hear a scratching sound, and Angel suddenly looks down and makes what I have decided to interpret as a noise of surprise. Then Lina's tail suddenly flips up into view. Listen to me very carefully, now, for the sake of your sanity. She was tickling his feet with her tail. That's all that happened. Nothing else. Are we all clear on that? I'm not responsible for what happens to anyone who allows himself to ponder the Lovecraftian horrors of any other explanation. She tickled his feet. The end. Anyway, Angel shows Lina the photo and says, "I'm looking for him. I think your boss here would like you to cooperate." Lina says, "Vampires," rather sneeringly, causing a blipvert.

Totally-Useless goes looking for her brother, who, we will not be surprised to learn, is Gunn. She finds him and says they have to talk about Bobby's death. Gunn says, "We don't talk about that. That's done." Totally-Useless says that they're dying, and Gunn says, "Everybody dies. I'm just trying to make sure that when we die, we stay dead." You know, when he puts it that way, it sounds really stupid. Totally-Useless thinks Gunn is being reckless and then says, "Three weeks, and no teeth, and you had to ring the dinner bell like that." No teeth? Well, that's what the captioning said. She continues, "You just couldn't go another day without getting a little death in, could you?" Given the juxtaposition of this scene with the whorehouse, perhaps using the phrase "little death" was ill-advised.

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