War Zone

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War Zone

Cut to some live-action roleplaying, as the vamps and street kids duke it out. One kid is aiming a gizmo on the back of the truck that appears to be a modified gun that fires stakes. Interesting idea, but it only holds six stakes, and it's not exactly portable, and it looks hard to aim, and -- oh, the hell with it: it looks cool. Other people are armed with spears and stakes, including the girl from the teaser, who's pointing her spear in the direction of the melee while hiding behind the truck. Lots of choreographed combat. One vamp gets staked by the stake-gun as he leaps to attack, resulting in a nice mid-air dusting. Ty kills one of the kids and then races toward the truck. Little Miss Totally-Useless shouts, "Bobby!" as Ty rushes to attack the stake-gun operator. The leader runs toward them as Ty slams Bobby's head into the side of the truck, and Totally-Useless shrieks, "No!" Then she swipes at Ty with the side of her spear instead of, oh, plunging it through his heart. Ty and the other vamps scamper off. The leader orders his crossbow-toting sidekick to "dog 'em," as Totally-Useless asks for help pulling Bobby back up into the truck. She also identifies him as "Gunn," so that we won't confuse him with any other African-American vamp-fighting tough guys named after weapons. They all pile into the truck as it pulls away into a major melee-blipvert.

The truck pulls up at an old abandoned building as people rush out to help the wounded Bobby into the building. I see a blonde girl in the group, and think about how neat it would be if Chantel turned up among them. She doesn't, of course. Bobby is dragged through a guarded hallway, then down a metal staircase, so that he can rest comfortably on the bare floor of the basement. Bobby grips Gunn's hands and groans, "He picked me up like I was a baby." I, myself, don't usually pick babies up by the head and swing them into truck fenders, but that's me. Gunn tries to comfort him, but Bobby insists, "I'm not a baby." Totally-Useless says that Bobby needs a doctor. Or a good therapist. Bobby stops muttering, and Gunn says, "Not anymore." Because Bobby's dead, you see. Then he calls another sidekick named James, and asks, "How are we fixed for tonight?" James says, "Beck and me lifted some can stuff. Wasn't much in the bins behind Mel's." No, I don't know what he's talking about. But I like picturing Beck slaying vampires. James adds, "And we got that." Gunn turns to look, and apparently "that" is some other kids lurking in a stairwell. James complains that "We don't take squatters," but Gunn insists, "Everybody eats!" and James hustles off to do Gunn's will.

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