War Zone

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War Zone

They sit down as David prepares to explain his problem. He says it involves blackmail, and asks, "You're familiar with Dungeons & Dragons?" Angel says, "Yeah, I've seen a few," before Wesley helpfully explains, "You mean the role-playing game." Angel processes this and after a moment, plays along, "Game! Right!" David explains what a role-playing game is, as if anyone who'd watch this show wouldn't know already. He claims that the game involves "fighting troglodytes and romancing exotic demon princesses." Troglodytes? They must have been in one of the supplements. Cordelia, concerned, asks, "Did someone find out [that] you're a big nerd?" David chuckles and says, "No, that's actually public record." I don't care for gratuitous geek-slams, unless I'm the one making them, but okay: heh. David goes on to say that some of his friends got very, shall we say, enthusiastic about the game, "Especially the demon-romance part." For some reason they cut to Angel here, so I speculate that he's thinking, "Well, people do seem to find me more attractive when I'm evil, so I guess it makes sense." David comes perilously close to a point: "The guys were joking about getting some tail..." Not to suggest that geeks can't be crude, but given how nervous this one is, I can't help thinking that this character would have found a different way to phrase that. Wesley says, "You went to Madam Dorion's." David insists that he only went once, while Wesley explains to Angel, "It's a demon brothel." Any speculation on how Wesley knows about this place? While David admits that he actually went twice, Wesley goes on to say, "In Bel Air, I believe. The Watcher's Council is rife with stories about it." Yeah, sure it is, Wesley; good cover story. Angel asks, "How many --" and then David gives the final total as "Twelve...times..." before Angel can finish, "-- people knew about you going?" David says that his security team has already identified the blackmailer as one Lenny Edwards, as he hands Angel a photo of the guy, but adds that his team can't track Lenny down. David does his best to sell this little MacGuffin by saying, "If my stockholders see these pictures..." Oh, please. Stockholders only care about profits. Not to mention: Who the hell will believe those are actually demon prostitutes? Tell them it was a Halloween party that got a little crazy. Sheesh. Cordelia comforts David by offering to hang around at the party for a few more hours so that no one suspects anything. There's another "check out the geek" joke, but I'll spare you.

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