War Zone

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War Zone

At a park, Wesley takes a cup piled high with whipped cream from a street vender and walks back to Cordelia. He pokes at the whipped cream with a straw and says, "I asked for a coffee. I know it must be in here someplace." He asks Cordy if she's okay, since she's unusually quiet. Cordy, who has apparently forgotten what her character is like, says she's still thinking about the kids. "I thought my first apartment was bad," she says. They take seats on a bench, and Wesley says it "gives one a sense of perspective," as he scrapes the whipped cream off onto the ground. Cordy says it does, and then confesses, "I might want to prostitute myself to billionaire David Nabbit." She explains to Wesley that David is a nice guy who needs companionship, and she wants security, "So when I say prostitute, what I mean is --" "Prostitute," Wesley suggests. He asks if she thinks she could do that, and Cordy squints thoughtfully and answers, "I could probably learn to love him. Looks aren't everything. Or chemistry." She adds, "Personality. That's important. That makes up for a lot of other... It's not what's on the outside that... Never mind." After a moment, she insists, "I'm fine here! Poor. Alone." What the hell was all of that about?

Gunn lurks on a city rooftop as Angel approaches him. Gunn asks what Angel's doing, and Angel says, "Skulking. Professionally." Gunn says he appreciates the help, "but I don't need no guardian angel." Oh. Look. A pun. Gunn says, "They are gonna keep coming, and we are gonna keep fighting." Angel says he knows that. Gunn, surprised, asks, "That's it? You ain't gonna talk at me? Be all daddy-figure?" Angel asks, "What am I gonna tell you that you haven't already learned?" Gunn says, "I killed her," and when Angel disagrees, adds, "Near enough. She was the reason, man." Gunn asks why Angel battles vampires, and Angel's answer is, "What else are we gonna do?" After a moment of communal brooding, Angel says he'll be around. Gunn says he doesn't need help, and Angel says, "I might," before leaving.

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