War Zone

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War Zone

Angel's bloody hand stretches out through the hole he's made toward the door handle, but he can't reach it. Another hand reaches to the handle, and the door swings open, revealing Cordelia and Wesley. "They locked you in, huh?" Cordelia asks. Angel, defying my protests against quipping, says, "I just love old meat lockers." Wesley asks why Angel didn't just call them on the cell phone. Angel steps out silently, and Wesley suggests, "You probably forgot you had it." Although the closed captioning reads, "You probably forgot to bring it." Angel reaches into his coat pocket and grumbles, "Those things hardly ever work," as he pulls out the phone. He continues awkwardly, "Besides, it was a lot easier and quicker to just..." Cordy and Wesley look at him condescendingly, and Angel finally snaps, "Look, I'm the boss here! I say when we use the cell phones, and people are gonna die, and I have to go." His head bowed, he exits quickly. See? Stupid Angel is funny. Quipping Angel is not funny.

Alonna reminisces about the good old days, living in a rotting shelter, and how Gunn was so brave, Gunn looked after her, now she can look out for him, ho hum. She says she'll fix it, and vamps out and hisses, "Say goodbye to everything you ever knew," which isn't really a very enticing offer. She reaches up to bite his neck as Gunn stares straight ahead and finally says, "Goodbye." Then, of course, he stakes her. As she crumbles away, we see Angel standing in the shadows behind her. "Let's get out of here," Angel says. The rest of Gunn's gang runs in. Upon seeing Angel, Chain asks, "How'd he get out?" Chain steps toward Angel, but Gunn stops him and says, "We're leaving." "I don't think so," says Master-lite. The vampires surround them. The captioning reveals that Master-lite's name is actually Knox as he says, "She was so sweet, your sister. So smooth going down, if you know what I mean." As the two groups face off, Knox says, "You wanted a war? Well, this is it." Angel interrupts and says, "Here's the deal. You can go. If you go now, and I never see any of you again, you get to live." Knox is amused. Angel goes on to say that Los Angeles is his territory and that "you'll want to stay out of it for the rest of your eternal lives. These kids, my town, off-limits from now on." Knox steps up to Angel and asks, "Who the hell are you? You know who you're talking to, fool?" Angel says, "Name's Angelus," and quickly stakes Knox before adding, "I wasn't actually talking to you." He steps forward and addresses the other vamps: "Do we have a truce? Or do you want to die?" Chain wants to fight, but Angel rephrases his argument that this will result in the death of some of the kids. Chain asks Gunn, "You came all this way, you're not gonna kill any vamps?" All this way? Wasn't it just a couple of blocks? Or is Chain speaking metaphorically? Gunn responds, "I already did," and turns to leave. The kids and the really easily intimidated vampires all clear out. Angel is once again alone with his blipverts.

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