War Zone

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War Zone

Props to everyone struggling to make sense of the Buffy/Angel timeline, and (just because I can) congrats to Lee & Theresa on their marriage.

Hey, there's no "previously on Angel" montage! This can only mean one thing... we're done with the crossovers for a while! Hallelujah!

A twenty-something black girl strolls along under a bridge. Which looks like the very same bridge we saw Marquez walk by in last week's teaser. Make use of the filming permit while you've got it, I guess. Three young hoodlums follow her as she becomes increasingly nervous. So, the stalkers are meeting their racial quotas, I guess. When she reaches a little dead-end alley of some kind, she finally turns to face her pursuers, and we see that they're vampires. A grungy vamp with shoulder-length dark hair, who will eventually be identified as Ty, turns away from his victim-to-be suddenly and says, "You!" Dramatic chord the camera reveals a man's shoes, then pans up slowly to reveal black pants, a black trench coat, and... a sweatshirt that says "New York." Hey, that's not Angel! In fact, it's a rather charismatic black guy who asks, "You were expecting somebody else?" He has a companion holding a crossbow, and there's a truck full of other guys pulling up behind them. Credits already? Wow.

A throbbing bass line whisks us to a party in a spacious loft apartment. Are we gonna get to see Angel dance again? Please? Cordy, Wesley, and Angel stroll in, and Cordy comments that she's missed that smell. Wesley thinks she means the appetizers, but Cordy says that she means something else: "I like to smell a little money once in a while." As she goes to check out the partiers, Angel clarifies, "She's not just saying that. Hide some in the office sometime and watch her. It's uncanny." Then he chuckles! Really! Cordy comes back to drag them over to a nerdy man-child sitting by the television, and greets him as Mr. Nabbit, their host. Eventually we'll find out that his first name is David. It turns out he's also their new client. Cordy spots some old gent in the crowd and asks, "Oh my god, is that Welland Harding?" David is forced to admit that he doesn't actually know most of his guests. He stammers, "They come to the party and I -- I think they have fun." Angel offers to come back later, but David explains that Cordy suggested that meeting at the party would be "less conspicuous." Angel gives her a "that's so conniving" look, and Cordy responds with an "ain't I a stinker" grin that is actually pretty cute. David says, "I always said I'd make a billion dollars in the software market and learn to talk to girls. Still working on step two."

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