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Angel vs. The Time-Twisting Tie-Tack

Previously on Angel...Hey! No previouslys? They're throwing off my rhythm here. Maybe it's a simple acknowledgement that previously on Angel, nothing interesting happened.

We open with Wesley dreamily staring at an opened book. Specifically, at a drawing of a demon. "Have you ever seen anything lovelier?" he asks. "So graceful, so full of life?" Cordy leans over his shoulder and adds, "Plus, six breasts." Wesley's talking about Fred, of course, while Cordy is talking about the demon, who turns out to be "Sorialus, the Ravager." According to Cordy's visions, Sorialus will be turning up in about a month to attack the humans who killed her mate. A month? The Powers That Be must have upgraded their connection; they're usually big on the last-minute warnings. Cordy's got a Victoria Principal hairstyle happening this week, and I keep expecting her to suddenly turn to the camera and start hawking lotion. She asks if Wesley plans to ask Fred out. Wesley says, "I'll make my move when the iron is hot." I can't decide if it's clever characterization to imply that Wesley can't even use violent words like "strike," or if it's the opposite of clever. The latter seems more likely when Cordy refers to Wesley as "Johnny Reb." Yeah, I don't understand either. Let's skip ahead to when Wesley asks Cordy if it's boring to listen to him blather on about Fred. I miss old Cordy, who would have said, "Yes." New Cordy daintily avoids the question by saying, "There was a time when you thought I was the loveliest thing in the world." Wesley stammers some more, and Cordy says she just likes the occasional compliment. Cordy describes herself as formerly "the ditziest bitch in Sunnydale." Ditzy? Uh, no. She's confusing herself with Harmony, I think. Or, possibly, Willow. She sighs, "Now I'm all superheroey and the best action I can get is an invisible ghost who's good with the loofah." Wesley pretends not to hear that last bit, and I wish I could, too.

Angel suddenly appears and asks, "Who's doing what with a loofah?" Yikes! Wesley covers: "Loo...fah... noocth...skma... It's a demon." Angel doesn't worry about it any further than that, because demons? Piffle. He's busy trying to get someone to ask him why he's smiling. Cordy obliges, and Angel pulls tickets out of his pocket and announces, "We are stepping out."

Look, it's Gunn! Strolling into the courtyard cheerfully. Being all tall and everything. Unfortunately there's something blocking my view of him a little bit; what the heck is that? Oh. Sigh. Hi, Fred. Apparently they're coming back from breakfast, and Gunn is teasing Fred about how much food she scarfed down. He makes fun of her "stick-figure body" but then consoles her, "You know you're gorgeous." Fred appears to be taken aback by that as they step inside.

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