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Props to Salamander & llexuus.

Previously on Angel, I taught Word to recognize "necrotempered." There are no actual "previously"s. I don't think they're ever helpful, but it seems like a slightly disturbing acknowledgment that nothing that happened in the past will matter. Maybe they should just give the show some memorable opening narration where a mysterious voice explains the premise. I love those things, you know.

We slowly pan past three cars and a motorcycle. Based on the dialogue we can hear, the MoG are having an nighttime picnic. I hope Gunn remembered the glow-in-the-dark Frisbee. We pan past the cars some more. They keep making a big deal about these freaking cars. I think we're supposed to be telling all our friends, "Yeah, you may not have liked the show last time you watched it, but this season, oh my God, it's amazing, because they have a whole lot of cars! Let me lend you my tapes, because once you see these cars, you'll be totally hooked!" I mean, who cares? They do know that Fastlane was on last season, right?

We finally finish admiring the vehicles and see that the MoG appear to be near a monument of some kind. Or maybe Los Angeles is littered with cement chairs in gazebos. I don't know. They are still talking about Chinese food, we but now we can see that there's no actual food. Instead, Fred is waving around a gizmo. She declares, "We're clean, nobody's listening." Angel immediately snaps that Wesley was late, and Wesley sniffs that he thought he was being followed. Gunn wants to know why they're hiding from the company they run. Angel says they're just being careful. Hey, he's wearing a leather jacket again. With a hoodie under it. Odd. Fred reminds the others that not everyone at Wolfram & Hart is evil: "Some of them, I see more than I see you guys, at least lately, anyway." Wesley butts in, "And you think you can trust him?" Off Fred's confusion, Wesley offers, "Them." Then he faces away from the group and clarifies, "Knox, for example." I just can't believe we have to go through all of this again. It wasn't interesting the first time! I'm not kidding, this had better end with Spicule getting kidnapped. Or at least Darth Burger. Fred single-entendres that she and Knox are just co-workers, and insists that he isn't evil. Angel wants to know what the Senior Partners are up to, and Gunn mentions that they haven't been able to find out much, but they've only been there a month. Wow, time flies. Soon they'll be in the present. So, yeah, they're all very busy, although Wesley has enough free time to be jealous of Knox and paranoid about Gunn. Wesley's worried that Wolfram & Hart might have done something evil while making the "alteration to [Gunn's] mental capacity." Gunn quickly says, "My capacity's the same as it's always been." And I appreciate their clarifying that Gunn wasn't dumb, except then Gunn adds, "The good doctor just revved up some idling brain cells." Oh, that's much better: "I'm not dumb, I just wasn't using most of my brain!" I'm all full of hate again. Anyway, Gunn says, "Everybody got something out of this." Angel sniffs, "Fear, mistrust, a great motor pool." You left out depression, anger, and potential liver damage, but I didn't get any moto-- oh. He means they got that stuff. Got it. Cary chimes in, without the sarcasm, to mention that he's now the proud owner of a Nancy Sinatra collection. Well, it is an evil company. And Wesley got: a pen. He even takes it out and shows it to us, adding, "Sterling." Plot point! You can tell, because after that the conversation shifts back to Gunn and how nobody trusts him. Fred and Wesley repeat that they're very busy with their departments and clients and good ol' Spicule. Angel insists that they'll "release" Spicule from Wolfram & Hart, but Wesley says, "That could take years." I need a drink. Actually, I think we all do. This round's on me. Then there's some Spicule-exposition, and Fred says "He's more than a ghost. He's unique." Yes, Spicule is the very special-est being in the whole wide world. I heard. Angel -- bored by all the Spiculation (ho ho!) -- abruptly borrows Wesley's pen and walks off.

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