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Baloney And Anomie

Angel finishes clobbering Mom as Spicule explains that the car's gone. Zach appears on the stairs, with his own gun. Everyone dives behind the other couch. Gunn insists that they have to find the Wrath. Spicule observes, "Where's not the Wrath? The Wrath's all over!" Heh. Gunn peeks over the couch and spots the basement door, and suggests that they can go out that way. Lindsey insists, "No! We can't go down there -- not the cellar!" Gunn says, "Guess we found the Wrath." While Lindsey keeps protesting, the boys shove the couch across the room so that it crashes into the kid and smashes him into a wall. Heh. Killing evil kids is funny. Oh, come on. It is! And off they run to the basement. Angel hauls Lindsey down the stairs while Lindsey whines, "We're all gonna die." "Not today," Angel insists. Lindsey moans, "Every day!"

Adam Baldwin enters Angel's office and heads for Eve, who's cowering behind Cary. A vamped-out Harmony jumps on Baldwin from behind and sort of clings to his head. He just looks puzzled as she tries to snap his neck, and is unable even to turn his head. Hee! Harmony finally screams, "Run, already!" Cary and Eve dash for the elevator as Baldwin finally tosses Harmony off so that she crashes into Angel's desk. Cary urgently taps the buttons and the doors finally close just before Baldwin can amble over to the elevator.

While free of shovels and rakes, Lindsey's basement is full of other implements of destruction. Various torture devices litter the room, like an iron maiden, and a hanging cage, and I think I spotted a copy of "Dad" cued up and ready for viewing. Spicule wanders over to a large, blood-coated table, and bends down to reveal a pile of hearts on the floor next to it. Spicule picks one up and asks, "Whose are these?" Lindsey sullenly says, "Mine." Spicule quickly drops the heart like he's scared of catching Lindsey's cooties. Angel suggests that they find a way out. But instead they all stare around at the cool toys. Angel calls Spicule's attention to a grating in the wall, behind which is a blazing fire. Spicule figures this is the Wrath. Angel tries pulling the grating open, but Gunn suddenly announces that the lock is mystical. Angel asks how they open it, but Lindsey interrupts: "He's coming. He knows. He always knows." A big muscly demon wanders out of a dark corner. Angel and Spicule vamp out and prepare to battle, grabbing weapons from the walls. It's not a bad fight, although I get a bit tired of watching the demon slam Angel and Spicule into walls. But then Angel does a nice mid-air flip prior to crashing to the floor. I liked that. This goes on a while, and suddenly the demon stops dead. Angel looks over and sees that Gunn is putting on Lindsey's necklace. Gunn explains, "If one leaves, one has to stay." The door leading to the fire swings open. Angel says, "You knew...." Gunn replies, "That thing about atonement." Angel nods slightly and says they're leaving. Spicule starts to protest, but Gunn sadly says, "When I forget, the door closes. Go!" Aw, Gunn. The demon starts to walk away as Spicule grabs Lindsey and joins Angel in rushing through the fiery doorway. Gunn stares around the basement and says, "This is where...I was...." The door closes. Gunn concludes, "I belong." He looks around and wonders, "What was I doing? Why am I down here?" From upstairs, Mom calls, "Honey? What are you doing down there?" Gunn says he doesn't know and smiles as he says, "Must be losing my mind."

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