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Baloney And Anomie

Adam Baldwin steps off the elevator and strides through the lobby. Harmony chuckles, "That's the guy? He's just a suit!" A security goon approaches Baldwin, gun in hand. Baldwin raises his eyebrows at this, and then punches his fist through the goon's torso. Eve, Cary, and Harmony shriek. It'd be funnier if Harmony's reaction was more like, "Ooooh, cool!"

Angel tells Lindsey that they're there to help. No they aren't! They just want information! Lindsey tells them all again to leave, and Angel grabs Lindsey by the shirt and says, "You don't want to believe it, that's your choice. Either way, you're coming with us." I was hoping that just getting manhandled would give Lindsey a feeling of déjà vu, but alas, no. Instead, Angel notices the ugly necklace Lindsey's wearing, and rips it off, saying, "Maybe this will help you make up your mind." Lindsey still doesn't remember anything, so then Angel pulls out a hair-clipper and gives Lindsey a quick trim. Still nothing, so Angel uses the edge of his sword to shave Lindsey's sideburns off. "I remember everything!" Lindsey shouts triumphantly. Okay, no, but I wish. Actually, after the necklace is torn away, Lindsey collapses to the floor, and then looks up at Angel. There's a really bad insert shot of a dagger or a sword strapped to Angel's belt. Or something. It's more confusing than if they'd left it out. Lindsey sighs, "Angel. Make it quick." Angel rather affectionately says, "If I was gonna kill you, it wouldn't be quick," and hauls Lindsey up. Heh. Gunn looks at the necklace lying on the floor as Spicule sees Mom in the kitchen and chirps, "Hi! Your hubby was just showing us a...thing." Mom smiles sweetly and raises up a machine gun, which she then uses to spray the living room with bullets as everyone dives for cover.

After the commercials, it turns out that not everyone dove for cover after all. Lindsey is standing, staring, as Mom keeps firing, and the others hide behind the couch. Angel finally grabs Lindsey and pulls him down as clouds of stuffing fill the room. Spicule observes, "Seems your wife's a little moody!" Angel tells Spicule to take Lindsey to the car. Then Angel jumps up and rushes Mom, taking some slo-mo bullets before he can reach her and knock the gun away. Gunn, Spicule, and Lindsey head for the door.

Outside, they look at the curb, where the car isn't. An ice-cream truck pulls up with a jolt, and the driver starts firing his own machine gun at them. Time to go back inside!

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