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Baloney And Anomie

And we're back to Lindsey, strolling out for the morning paper again. He waves, grabs the skateboard, goes back to the house. The camera swings back as the bitchin' Camaro pulls up in front of Lindsey's house. Angel suggests that he and Spicule can use their coats as a shield from the sunlight while making a dash for the house. Gunn opens the door, and Angel and Spicule scream and cover their faces as the sunlight streams in until they notice that they're not bursting into flames. Gunn says that the sun won't hurt them since it's another dimension. Whatever.

The boys walk up to the door as Angel sums up the plan: "We grab Lindsey and we get out." Gunn adds, "Kill anything in our way." Spicule rings the doorbell, which isn't really the act of someone ready for battle, is it? Shouldn't Angel kick it down? And can I just mention that they didn't bring weapons? Morons. Gunn says, "Odds are, there's something ugly behind that door." Okay, really now, cut it out! We've already seen the interior. Keep on abusing Dramatic Irony this way and you'll be up on charges for battery. Mom opens the door with a cheerful "Can I help you?" The boys blink and Angel asks, "Is Lindsey home?" Hee. It sounds like they want to know if Lindsey can come out for a game of softball before dinnertime. Mom invites them inside and calls Lindsey.

Lindsey comes downstairs and asks what he can do for them. Amazingly, it only takes a minute for Angel to realize that Lindsey doesn't recognize any of them. Oh my lord, Lindsey has sideburns, too. Going down past his ears. Is he insane? Anyway, Gunn suggests that Lindsey take a seat while they explain a few things. Lindsey does so, asking if he won a free vacation. Angel explains that Lindsey's under a spell, and that his memories aren't real. Lindsey gasps, "So, Trish is not my wife? And Zach's not my son?" And then he accuses them of being part of a prank arranged by a friend of his. I don't know why they expect Lindsey to believe them. Or why they care. Just bonk him on the head and drag him out with you. Instead, Angel just repeats that none of this is real, and Lindsey starts getting annoyed. He tells them to leave.

Back at Wolfram & Hart, Eve wonders why retrieving Lindsey is taking so long. Cary and Harmony try to reassure her, although they don't try very hard. Y'know, originally I was pretty annoyed that they left Eve with such lousy protection, but actually, there's no reason to waste manpower guarding her since she already told them everything she knows. Which was nothing. So, okay, good decision there, MoG. Cary says that it's impossible for anything to break in and get to Eve. Right. Cary doesn't seem to be drinking in this scene. Maybe he's talking nonsense because he's sober. As soon as Cary says, "This place is a fortress," alarms start blaring. There's a "ding" as the elevator arrives in the lobby -- and that must be one seriously loud "ding" if they can hear it across the lobby and in an office. I bet that's annoying when they're trying to do work. Or rather, it would be annoying if they were ever trying to do work. They all go to peer out into the lobby.

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