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Baloney And Anomie

Gunn leads Angel and Spicule through the garage. Oh, crap, we're back to the stupid cars. Gunn says something about how Harmony told him "what was going on," and I have no earthly idea what he's talking about. Whatever. He explains that a guy in Tokyo caused the Senior Partners some trouble once upon a time, and says, "Lindsey probably got the tattoo idea from studying up on him." Angel figures that Lindsey is in the same place the Tokyo troublemaker was sent to: a "holding dimension." And they know where the Tokyo guy was sent because...? It sounds like they're explaining something, but they totally aren't. If there was documentation saying exactly where the Tokyo guy is, why wouldn't there be the same kind of documentation about where Lindsey is, in which case you don't need to know about the Tokyo guy at all, so, what the hell was the point of all that? Angel asks how they get to this place, and Gunn whips out a set of keys and asks, "Ever taken the Camaro?" The Senior Partners gave Angel a car that will take him to their super-secret punishment dimension. Which isn't that secret, actually. Could we just have one development in this episode that makes a tiny bit of sense, please?

Cut to Gunn, Angel, and Spicule in the car. Which is apparently driving itself along the empty nighttime streets. The steering wheel turns as Angel holds his hands over it and says, "This is weirding me out. Is this weirding you out?" Spicule says, "You never heard of Knight Rider?" They haven't. Wesley's joke was funnier. Gunn explains that after they find Lindsey, they have to get out via something called "the Wrath." He doesn't even try to explain how he knows that, which is probably for the best. The car goes through a tunnel and poof, it's daytime and the boys are goggling at the sight of the many suburban homes which would be surprising if we hadn't already seen them. Angel grumps, "This is Lindsey's punishment for trying to kill me? Huh. Maybe it's a reward."

Wesley tells Illyria that she could leave this dimension. Illyria says she used to travel to other worlds, and channels Roy Batty as she stares into the mirror. She says that in her travels she saw "opaline towers as high as small moons. Glaciers that rippled with insensate lust. And one world with nothing but shrimp. I tired of that one quickly." Heh. Wesley, not to be outdone in the recreation of cinematic moments, gets his Mrs. Danvers on as he hypnotically whispers, "Why don't you go? You can go. Why don't you go?" Illyria whirls and grabs him by the neck for a moment, then lets go of him due to a sudden attack of claustrophobia. She babbles, "There's not enough space to open my jaws. My face is not my face. I don't know what it will say --" Wesley tells her to come with him.

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