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Baloney And Anomie

Cut to Lindsey in bed, kissing a blonde. Maybe he's not in hell, but his hair's gone all shitty again. A kid runs in and hops on the bed, begging them to stop kissing: "That's how I get sisters!" Heartwarming family togetherness ensues.

Commercials. Johanna says, "The next time people are sitting around telling jokes, I'm telling Wesley's." I suggest that she should play it up, giggling throughout while she's telling it, and then bursting into hysterics upon reaching the punchline.

We return to swooping, upbeat music as Lindsey exits his suburban home and walks out to get the newspaper. All down the block, other men are also picking up their papers in unison. The only difference is that most of them have had haircuts. Oh, and Lindsey's wearing a really ugly necklace, too. About here I was thinking, "That necklace had better be important, because otherwise, ew." Lindsey waves to someone across the street, as do the rest of the men, and they turn back to the house. On his way, Lindsey picks up a skateboard that's on the lawn.

Back at Wolfram & Hart, Spicule is bitching that there thousands of different hell-dimensions. "You got your fire hell. Your ice hell. hell. Your upside-down hell." Heh. Angel says he doesn't care if Lindsey's in "Toy Poodles On Parade hell." I wonder if that's where Angel went. No wonder he went crazy, then. Anyway, Angel insists that they have to find Lindsey in order to get information about the Senior Partners. Spicule points out that Eve could be lying to them, because she just wants them to rescue Lindsey. Mere moments ago, Spicule couldn't think of more than two kinds of hell, and yet he's still the smartest one in the room. That's just so sad. Eve turns to Cary for support. Oh wow, Cary gets to be in multiple scenes this week! Cary confirms that Eve was telling the truth: "No one can fake it through 'The Piña Colada Song.' Not once the chorus kicks in." Angel repeats that he wants to find Lindsey. Spicule repeats that it'll be hard to find him. Just before the scene laps itself, Gunn appears. With his hair all gone! And he's wearing a sweatjacket! Callou, callay! Gunn says that he knows where Lindsey is, and he can take them all there.

Back in "hell," Lindsey is coaching his son on the earth's layers while Mom makes breakfast. Dear Mutant Enemy: Yes, we have all noticed the motif with "layers." But you know what's nice with a motif? Having it mean something. Anything. Love, Your Dwindling Audience. Mom interrupts to say that the oven bulb just went out, and asks Lindsey to fetch a new one from the basement. Lindsey tries to delay things, claiming he's busy with the kid, but Mom insists, "I kinda need it now." Why? Who needs an oven bulb urgently? Sadly, Lindsey does not scream, "Get it yourself, bitch!" Instead, he gives in and heads for the basement. Tensely. He rests his hand on the doorknob and looks back nervously. Oh wow, is Xander in the basement? Then maybe this is hell after all. Poor Lindsey! Finally he opens the door, gives his family one last frightened look, and heads downstairs.

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