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Baloney And Anomie

From the back of the room, Illyria observes that Wesley's been sitting there for a while. She says that he drank a lot, called her names, and concludes, "Then you sat there for hours making noise with your nose." Wesley calls her a twit. Heh. They talk about dreams. Illyria whines because she was a big powerful demon and now things just suck. It's seriously boring. I certainly like Illyria more than I liked Fred, but at least Fred was saying things that I had to pay attention to because they involved the plot. Anyway, Wesley observes that the world's a disappointment to Illyria, and adds, "I'm not too impressed with it myself." Illyria wheels on him and asks, "Why don't you leave?" Wesley looks shocked, like he'd never thought of that. He hasn't been reading the recaps.

In Angel's office, Eve sarcastically says, "They'll never look for me here....I'm gonna die." She looks a thousand times better now that she's wearing a sweatshirt and jeans. Spicule is barely understandable as he slurs, "You make it hard for me [to] wanna help you," and I start wondering if he's drunk. Angel arrives and says that, actually, they don't want to help Eve, and then adds, "But we will. You're under my protection." This reassures Eve, for some reason. Angel insists that Eve has to answer some questions to repay them, and starts off by asking what exactly she does for the Senior Partners. Eve says, "I'm a liaison. I liaise." Heh. Angel and Spicule glower at her. Eve declares that there are "layers upon layers at Wolfram & Hart." Is the place full of chickens? She finally says, "I'm a child of the Senior Partners. Created to do their bidding." Angel figures that means that Eve is immortal. Maybe it just feels like that because her scenes make time slow down. Angel asks what Eve's job is, and she says that she watches Angel, reports back to the Senior Partners, and passes on their messages. We knew that. Angel asks what, exactly, the Senior Partners are. Eve doesn't know. Boy, this episode is chock full of revelations, isn't it? Eve explains that she only knows what the Senior Partners want her to know; the knowledge may be in her head, but she can't access it. Finally, she whines, "There was someone who could've told you everything you want to know, and you let the Senior Partners take him away." She claims that Lindsey spent years studying the Senior Partners, and knows all about their plans. Did she notice that Lindsey didn't seem interested in helping Angel? Plus, if he knows all this stuff, why didn't he tell any of it to Eve? Angel, almost as confused as I am, asks whether all of Lindsey's meddling was an attempt to get at the Senior Partners. Eve says, "No, it's about you, too. He really doesn't like you." Okay, I'm mildly amused by the idea that Lindsey spent years forming a brilliant strategy to take out Wolfram & Hart, and then was so distracted by a chance to annoy Angel that he improvised a series of really idiotic pranks instead. I don't think that's the idea here, but it makes as much sense as anything else does. Eve frets that the Senior Partners are probably torturing Lindsey now: "They'd want him to suffer horrors. Lindsey is in some hideous, awful hell."

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