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Baloney And Anomie

Cut to Eve is saying, "No way." See, Eve's still using Lindsey's place as a refuge from the Senior Partners, thanks to the magic runes sprinkled about, so Angel is threatening to tell them where she is. She's been around all year, too. It's not so much that they only just realized that they have a source of information, as that they only now have a way to use that source. If by "only now" you mean "for the past four episodes." I didn't dislike this episode when it aired, but it sure doesn't hold up to a second viewing. Right, so Angel makes with the threats, and Eve is just shocked that Angel would be so mean, and they're interrupted by the building (or perhaps just the camera) shaking. Eve gasps, "You bastard! You told them!" Angel says it wasn't him. Everything keeps shaking. It's like we're on the bridge of the Enterprise. Except the cast isn't even bothering to lean back and forth, which I admit is cheesy, but it would at least help me pretend that this isn't just a particularly vigorous case of shuddercam. The painted runes melt away, and Eve shrieks, "Don't let them take me! Angel, please, I'll tell you -- I'll tell you anything you want to know!" Angel ponders that, like that isn't the reason he came in the first place. And what luck that he suddenly decided to talk to Eve only moments before the Senior Partners would have found her, eh? We shakily zoom in on the apartment door, which bursts open as Adam Baldwin steps into the room. Boy, Shack's gonna be jealous. At least until he realizes that this episode makes Firefly look almost coherent. I feel cheated because Baldwin doesn't have a goatee. Damn it. Baldwin looks around the empty room, and spots a window that's swinging closed.

Credits. Finally! I was starting to wonder if they'd forgotten them. I call Johanna, and she reports that she's a little behind because she was Tivo-ing. She notes that the teaser is very long, and I report that it's almost five minutes long. She assures me that it's more like five hours long. Oh yeah, and there are new shots in the credits, like most of the Fred bits were replaced with Illyria, and Mercedes McNab got a shiny green credit. And stuff. Go look at it yourself if you care. It's possible I'm just grumpy because they redid the credits and didn't bother inserting shots of the puppet anywhere. Shame.

Cary is at a bar, listening to the demon bartender screech out a painful rendition of "Lady." The bartender stops and sighs, "She's gonna say no, isn't she?" Cary sullenly says that he sees a June wedding for the bartender, and adds, "More sea, less breeze, huh?" The delighted bartender pours a fresh drink and starts asking if he's going to have kids. Cary monologues that he's tired of being chipper and telling people what they want to hear. He says, "What I know is, I started drinking the moment I found out a girl I loved was gonna die." Whoa, started drinking? When did he stop? Cary says that he has to "go back into the belly of a very ugly beast and pretend like [he] can help." And so he, um, does. Apparently Cary had a whole subplot or something about having a crisis of faith. I'd say it's a shame that it happened almost entirely off-camera, but the whole thing sounds incredibly dull, so it's probably for the best.

Angel and Spicule lead Eve into the lobby. Angel orders Harmony to put Security all around the building, nobody gets in, and thank goodness Harmony interjects, "Okay, but you know how that never works?" Angel grumbles, and away she goes. Angel orders Spicule to kill anything that gets past Security. Moments later, half the janitorial staff is dead. Whoops. As Angel stomps off, Spicule asks where he's going. Angel says, "To see my lawyer." Amazingly, he doesn't mean Lindsey.

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