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Baloney And Anomie

Angel says that Holland tried to convince him that Earth was hell years ago. He says this like he didn't buy it. Or he changed his mind later. Oh, Angel, can't you summon up all your energy and try to avoid being completely stupid sometimes? Please? Lindsey kind of asks the same thing -- about Angel's not believing Holland, not about whether Angel can avoid being stupid, because I guess Lindsey accepted that a long time ago. Angel says that they could philosophize all night. He sits down and adds, "I don't need to eat, sleep, drink. How about you?" Is Angel threatening to talk Lindsey literally to death? Lindsey finally declares, "It's here. It's been here all along, underneath. You're just too damned stupid to see it." As if proving the point, Angel asks what Lindsey's talking about. Lindsey says, "The apocalypse, man. You're soaking in it." Spicule insists that he'd know if there was an apocalypse going on. This is the Spicule who said, "The fight's coming, Angel. We both feel it." just one episode ago. Lindsey nyahs, "Not an apocalypse, the apocalypse." Oh, yes, now I'm totally convinced. He blathers on, "You're playing for the bad guys. Every day, you sit behind your desk and you learn a little more how to accept the world the way it is. Well, here's the rub. Heroes don't do that. Heroes don't accept the world the way it is. They fight it." Angel figures out that Wolfram & Hart's brilliant plan is to distract them from what's really going on. Lindsey chuckles, "The world keeps sliding towards entropy and degradation and what do you do? You sit in your big chair and you sign your checks, just like the Senior Partners planned. The war's here, Angel. And you're already two soldiers down." Angel stares grumpily at the camera.

So the one thing we've actually learned this week is that the point of the whole deal at Wolfram & Hart wasn't so much to cause Angel to do something as to distract him from something. Firstly, I hope they were distracting him from something in particular, and not just "his mission." And secondly, does Lindsey realize that for the first half of the season, he was the chief distraction?

Meanwhile, in "hell," Gunn is tutoring Zach on Geology, just as Lindsey did. Mom asks for a bulb for the oven. Gunn stalls, just as Lindsey did. Mom says, "I kinda need it now." Zoom in on Gunn looking uncomfortable.

Next week: More surprises and revelations as the gang discovers that water is wet.

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