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Baloney And Anomie

Wesley and Illyria are standing on a set made to look somewhat like a rooftop. I'm willing to overlook some cheesy stuff given the budget cuts and all, but on the other hand, if you know you can't afford to shoot on a real rooftop, maybe you could rewrite the scene so it doesn't take place on one? The setting doesn't seem particularly necessary to anything. Of course, that goes for all of Wesley and Illyria's scenes this week. At the very least, couldn't they even afford a fan? Something to make their hair blow a teeny bit? Hello? Ah well. Illyria whines, "I'm trapped. On a roof. Just one roof. In this time. In this place with an unstable human who drinks too much whiskey and called me a Smurf." Wesley guesses that Illyria can't go anywhere as she is, and Illyria admits, "I'd be but prey to those I knew. I reek of humanity." Wesley gazes up at the simulacrum of a night sky and says, "Just think -- all our broccoli must have once come from the stars, only to mutate and become more passive down the eons...." Well, he doesn't, but if I'm going to quote nonsense, it might as well be nonsense that amuses me. They go on saying profound things that don't mean anything or entertain anyone, and finally the scene ends.

The rest of the MoG have gathered in Angel's horrible penthouse. Cary is pulling bullets out of Spicule's back. Cary's shirt, by the way, is astonishing. It's blue with red dots and outlines and I'm getting a little bit dizzy looking at it. Lindsey and Eve are collapsed together on the couch as Angel exits the bedroom, buttoning up a new shirt. Angel tells Lindsey, "I'm not your hero. I'm your warden." Cary finishes with Spicule, and we get a gratuitous shirtless Marsters shot for no good reason. Angel says, "I thought a few months of torture at the hands of the Senior Partners would have dug a little deeper." Wuh? Don't make me pull out more quotes about broccoli. Make sense! Lindsey says, "They can only undo you as far as you think you deserve to be undone. I wonder how Gunn's gonna make out." No, I said, "Make sense!" Angel demands to know whatever Lindsey has learned about the Senior Partners and their plans. Spicule adds that he wants to know what Hamilton meant by saying "Welcome to the team." "Must have meant something!" he insists as he finally pulls a shirt on. I think it meant "Welcome to the team," Spicule. Lindsey tells Angel that life sucks, basically. "We live. We die." Lindsey turns to Eve and notes, "Even you, babe." Eve moans, "Lindsey, don't!" Lindsey smirks and asks, "You still happy to see me?" Hee!

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