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Baloney And Anomie

Cary and Eve arrive in the garage. Cary nervously opens the box o' car keys and grabs some at random. He and Eve try to figure out which car is beeping as he repeatedly triggers the alarm. Eve spots the signals blinking on one, and they jump inside. As Cary starts the car, he assures Eve, "You'll like Canada. Lots of deserters." The car starts to pull out, but then Lindsey, Angel, and Spicule suddenly land on the hood. I hate when that happens. Spicule rolls off the hood screaming, "I'm on fire!" Then he looks down at himself and says, "Oh. Never mind." Eve and Cary hop out of the car, and Eve rushes over to give Lindsey a hug. Lindsey almost immediately starts to miss having his heart yanked out. As Angel starts to haul Lindsey back toward the office, Cary yips, "You should know, there's a very tall, well-dressed, uh...Where's Gunn?" Angel tersely says that Gunn stayed behind. Cary gasps, "But you never leave a --" Cary looks at the others and then sighs, "I guess we do. That's what we do now." Then there's a loud pounding as Baldwin descends the stairs to the garage. The door to the stairs is kicked off its hinges. That's bound to impress Angel. Baldwin spots them and starts to walk over. Angel says, "Damn. He is well-dressed."

Commercials. Johanna says, "Whatever! That is Angel's wet dream! I swear, Angel would have put that necklace on so fast!" I can't respond for a minute because I'm laughing and trying to scribble what she's just said. She adds that the only reason Angel hesitated before leaving was because he was thinking, "Gunn is so lucky!" I suggest that maybe Angel doesn't feel like he really deserves to be tortured in such a cool fashion. But he wishes he did.

When we return, Adam Baldwin is approaching the MoG. Angel lets go of Lindsey as he steps forward, and Lindsey immediately collapses to the floor, which is hilarious. The fact that Eve doesn't seem to notice, and that Cary does, makes it even better. Angel tells Baldwin that Eve is under his protection. Baldwin reaches into his breast pocket and, with a dramatic cue on the soundtrack, pulls out a pen. Baldwin tells Eve, "You know how it works." Eve begs him to talk to the Senior Partners for her, but Baldwin says he can't do that, and pulls out a contract. Angel warns Baldwin to back off, but Eve sighs, "Don't bother, Angel. It's over." She steps forward and obediently signs the contract where Baldwin tells her to. "Good girl," he says. Angel asks what's going on, and Baldwin finally introduces himself: "I'm Marcus Hamilton, your new liaison to the Senior Partners." Eve goes on signing and initialing while Hamilton explains that Eve is signing over her immortality "and certain other privileges." Angel gets all menacy at Eve, growling, "This is about a contract? I thought you said you were going to die." Eve replies, "And now, one day I will." Hamilton explains that Eve "was too easily distracted." Eve argues that she fell in love. Hamilton says, "Yes. Congratulations!" Heh. She snits off, and Hamilton gives kudos to the others for their escape. He adds that he'll be in touch, and says, "I have some excellent ideas I can't wait to share." Angel takes a step closer to Hamilton, and I don't think Adam Baldwin is actually nine feet tall, but I can't decide if he's wearing lifts or if it's actually just the camera angles that make him look like he's a giant. I think there must be lifts. Anyway, Angel says, "The only ideas that matter are mine." And as soon as you have any, I'm sure we'll all be eager to hear them, Angel. Hamilton agrees, though, and says, "The Senior Partners are behind [Angel] 100%." He adds that he's "looking forward to working [him]self into the mix," shakes Angel's hand, and as he backs away, he tells Spicule, "Welcome to the team!" While Eve finally gets around to helping Lindsey get up, Cary says, "Well, he's not so bad!" Angel and Spicule stare after Hamilton in identical hands-on-hips poses, which is just weird.

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