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Baloney And Anomie

We open with a tidy symmetrical shot of Angel at the conference table, drumming his fingers and staring at the empty chairs. Finally, he hits the speakerphone, and Harmony assures him that she reminded everyone about the meeting. Angel points out that if everyone were there, he wouldn't be alone. He snaps, "Why am I alone?" Hee. Harmony strolls in and points out, "You can be super-grouchy," before diving into a mass of exposition. Which for once I'll forgive because of the hiatus and all, so let's make this fast: Wesley's training Illyria, Gunn's in the hospital, and Cary's scene isn't till later.

Her work done, Harmony exits just as Spicule arrives. Poor Angel. Now he wishes he was alone. Spicule gets all the way to the table before noticing nobody else is there, and joins Angel in grumbling. Spicule says that this is an important meeting: "My first official parley as a very loosely affiliated member of the -- what are we? Tell me we're not Scoobies." We finally see that he's carrying a briefcase, which is funny. Angel says that they don't have a name for the gang, the big liar. This debate distracts us from the strange notion that Spicule is now an "official" part of the gang. What does that mean? Did he sign a contract with Wolfram & Hart in the interval? Because he's been hanging around all year at most of their meetings, so what's the big deal? Anyway. Spicule says it's good that they don't have a name, adding, "You'd probably want to be 'Angel's Avengers' or something." He opens his briefcase while Angel scoffs, sits back, and clearly starts thinking that's a cool name. Hee. Angel starts going over the agenda, and is interrupted by Spicule's popping open the can of beer he apparently pulled out of his briefcase. Angel glares. Spicule sniffs, "I'm listening. With beer." What a coincidence, so am I! Angel sighs, "This isn't a meeting. This is you, being annoying." He gets up and stares out the window while Spicule looks over the agenda and complains about being assigned reconnaissance. Spicule wants something more like "save the girl." Well, you didn't do so well last time that was your job, kiddo. Cue the angst, as Angel mutters, "Handsome man saved me from the monsters." Oh my God. Now they're just being mean to me on purpose. Angel expositions about Fred, and concludes that he shouldn't have brought her to Wolfram & Hart. Spicule points out that it was Fred's choice too, and suddenly asks, "You're fixing to do something stupid, aren't you?" Like send a thousand balloons to the Fox network? Don't be silly; Angel's not that dumb. They keep yammering, and Angel finally says that the Senior Partners have a plan. Spicule scoffs, "That ever-lovin' apocalypse you keep goin' on about." He does? When was that? Whatever. Angel insists that he's going to find out what the Senior Partners have planned. And he really means it this time! Spicule agrees unenthusiastically, and observes that they could use a source. That gives Angel an idea...

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