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Cordelia vs. The Radioactive Plot Twist

Linwood whimpers, "Now we're even," but Angel snaps, "Now you're dead!" Linwood asks whether Angel's going to kill a human in front of his impressionable son. Gunn shouts, "I vote yes!" while Angel replies, "You're not human." He's speaking metaphorically, not literally. As approaching police sirens become audible, Connor grabs Linwood away from Angel and hisses, "Stay away from my father." He shoves Linwood back into the van. Linwood insists, "We can help you, Steven." Connor declares, "My name is Connor." The MoG share a heartwarming moment, which would have been annoying except that we know that Connor's evil. Evil! Angel and Connor head back to the car.

At her apartment, Cordy stares at a picture of herself, Angel, and Wesley. She mutters, "I don't feel...And even if I did, it's impossible." Good girl. An echoey Cordy-voice adds, "It's ridiculous." Cordy agrees with herself, then looks up, startled to see a glowy image of herself in the window. I'm going to call the Cordy in the vision Future-Cordy, since that's what she is. Future-Cordy insists that on some level, she's always known it's true. Cordy, dumbfounded, asks, "I have? It is?" Future-Cordy shouts, "I'm in love!" Cordy, unconvinced, says, "I am? I am. With Angel, right?" Future-Cordy repeats, "With Angel!" Then Future-Cordy adds, "I'm scared. But I know it's right. I know somehow it's all gonna be all right." Cordy asks, "It is? Really?" Future-Cordy vanishes, and Cordy thanks herself. She should be cursing herself, but she's a little confused right now.

Angel, Fred, Gunn, and Connor return to the Hyperion just as the phone rings. Angel bounces over to answer it, whistling happily. He perkily answers it, "Angel Investigations. We can help you, I know we can!" It's Cordy, who asks how Angel is. Angel looks over at Connor, who looks at Angel innocently. Evil! He's great. Angel says he's fine, and Cordy says she needs to talk to him in person. Angel worries that it's bad news, and Cordy tells him, "No, it's something good! I think. Well, it sort of depends on how you feel." Angel asks, "About what?" and Cordy nervously answers, "About me." Zoom in on Angel, looking as if someone just hit him on the head with a frying pan, as he says, "Oh." She asks if he can meet her at the viewpoint at Point Dume. Angel repeats the directions, and agrees to be there in about an hour. They repeat "okay" at each other for a minute and finally hang up. Angel stares into space for a second. At her apartment, Cordy mutters, "Oh God, oh God." Angel tells everyone that he has to go out. Connor confirms he's meeting Cordelia, and declares, "She's beautiful. And she cares about you. I like her." He adds, "It's good to see you happy, Dad." Evil! Angel smiles happily and bustles about, humming to himself. Gunn and Fred are baffled by Angel's behavior, and Fred comments, "He's really happy!" She gets up, grabs a stake, and begins jabbing the stake into Angel's back as she says, "But not perfectly happy, I hope!" Angel winces and whines, "No! Ouch." Heh. Angel walks off, considerably less merry.

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