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Cordelia vs. The Radioactive Plot Twist

Angel, Connor, Gunn, and Fred are at the drive-in. My somewhat reliable sources have informed me that they're watching the combat scenes from Courage Under Fire. No wonder Connor turns murderous: he's been forced to watch a Meg Ryan movie. Connor is focused on the movie, while Fred and Gunn are, as usual, talking about food. Fred's character development this season has essentially consisted of the fact that she eats almost as much as she talks. Her hair looks nice here, though. Gunn heads out to get a popcorn refill. Connor jumps as a plane in the movie zooms toward them, and Angel reassures him, "It's just make-believe." A helicopter flies past in the movie, and another helicopter suddenly appears over the screen, with a spotlight aimed down at the cars. Connor points toward it and asks, "How'd they do that?" Heh. Gunn turns back to look as the helicopter hovers over the Angelmobile, and commandos begin to descend toward them.

When we return from commercials, Angel is hopping out of the car with Connor, prepared to do battle. Because he's an idiot. Dude, you're in a car. Go pick up Gunn and drive away. I think it would be funny if they just drove off about fifty yards, and the commandos climbed back up into the helicopter, flew over to them again, dropped out, and then they drove another fifty yards, and so on. I bet the commandos would get pretty irritated by that. Oh well. Instead we get fighting. Gunn rushes over and tackles a couple of commandos.

We cut to a nearby van, inside of which Linwood and Gavin are watching the fracas on a bunch of TV screens. Where are the cameras? In other cars? Plus, this van really should be parked in the back row, because it's probably blocking the view of the people behind it, which just shows how evil Wolfram & Hart people are. Linwood chortles, "Tie me up, threaten me with sharp objects, but don't let me go. Chowder head!" I don't know where "chowder head" came from. They watch Connor fighting, and Linwood says that he can't wait to "cut [Connor] open, see what makes him tick." Are we back to that again? That's such a dumb motive. Mysterious boy with super powers, who may be some kind of Apocalyptic force, and they want to dissect him instead of finding ways to make use of him. Whatever. Angel tries to shove Connor away, but Connor shoves Angel back and keeps fighting. Gavin said they expected Angel to protect Connor, but they didn't expect Connor to protect Angel. Fred makes herself vaguely useful by kicking a commando right in his giant demon testicles as he climbs over the car to get at Gunn. No one cares. Angel dispatches another commando, and from the helicopter we hear, "Abort! Abort!" The helicopter flies away, and Angel starts to advance on the van. Linwood orders the driver to get the van going, but Angel pulls the doors open and grabs Linwood while they're trying to start the van.

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