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Cordelia vs. The Radioactive Plot Twist

Cordelia returns to her apartment with an armful of groceries. She calls out to Groo, "I got your favorites! Tuna and ice cream. How about tonight you try not mixing it [sic] together?" She spots Groo standing in her bedroom, and admires him for a minute before noting his sad expression and asking what's wrong. Groo stiltedly declares, "I am. Wrong. For you." Cordy makes a duh face as Groo insists, "I am not the one you love. He is." Cordy wonders, "Who he?" Oh dear.

Cary knocks on the door to Angel's room and enters to a chipper greeting from Angel. Cary's wearing a white suit with a deep red shirt. I love his wardrobe. Cary just dropped by to say goodbye, and to work in one last nickname: "Angel-hair." Cary also gives Angel a goodbye gift: a CD titled, Songs for the Love -- Lorne. (Because of his name technically being Lorne and not Cary, and don't think I don't get a lot of email about that.) Angel figures out the joke, and Cary apologetically admits, "My publicist's idea. Her name is mud now, but the tunes are good." Angel's head is down to look at the CD, which is bad because his hair is so insane. I thought I'd gotten over it, but maybe I'd just become immune, only when the light catches it so you can see how there are random bits sticking up -- it's crazy! He has crazy hair. It's so startling when I notice it. Cary adds that his real gift is something else, and then tells Angel, "The way you feel about Cordelia is pretty much exactly how she feels about you." Yes! I agree: they're very good friends, and they care about each other. And that's all! Now we get into some fancy-shmancy editing stuff, so bear with me.

Cordy tells Groo, "I love, you" Well, that's very convincing.

Back to Cary, who insists that Angel and Cordy are "so obviously connected." Ew.

Groo says, "You finish each other's --"

"Sentences," Cary finishes. Do they?

Well, you get the idea. We cut between Groo and Cary, who are putting all kinds of terrible ideas into Angel's and Cordy's easily bewildered minds. Look, just because they both have freaky hairdos doesn't mean they're in love! Okay? And yes, I am going to hold fast to the fact that everyone else keeps shoving them together romantically, but they keep resisting the idea. It's that or go crazy. Groo tells Cordy that he's been "struggling to find the courage to do what is right." Cary insists to Angel, "Sometimes things do work out." Cary heads out, and Angel says goodbye. Cordy tells Groo that she doesn't know what to say. Groo whimpers, "Tell me I'm wrong." He's wrong! He goes on, "[Tell me] that I should stay. That you love only me." Cordy blinks and looks confused. Well, yeah, I don't want him to stay, but that doesn't mean Cordy loves Angel. Groo picks up a couple of bags, and I wonder if he's taking all of his faux-Angel clothes back to Pylea with him. Cordy stands alone in her apartment looking scared at what freakish storylines may descend upon her next, and rightly so.

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