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Cordelia vs. The Radioactive Plot Twist

The next morning, Connor sits on his new bed rereading Holtz's letter. Hey, this shot looks like a Hopper painting. Cool. Angel knocks on the door and then enters with a bookcase. He explains that he's also bringing some of his favorite books from when he was Connor's age. Back in the 1740s. At first, I scoffed at this, but given that Connor grew up with Holtz, some Restoration literature might seem normal to him. And I could see him liking Gulliver's Travels, except he'd probably think it was all true. I'm sure he'd enjoy Hamlet, too, but the last thing the kid needs is more father-related vengeance stories. Angel asks if Connor wants breakfast, and Connor sulkily says he isn't hungry. Angel suggests, "We can go out. I'd have to wear a burka or something." Instead he suggests that they stay in, and go out to a movie that night. Connor folds the letter up and puts it in a drawer as Angel says, "We'll go to an action movie. You'll love it." Angel's voice is really enthusiastic, but he's staring at Connor very intently, looking for some response, and granted that kind of thing plays into Boreanaz's rather stoic strengths, but in this situation it works pretty well. Or, possibly, I've lost my mind. Help! Connor continues to stare straight ahead instead of looking at Angel, and Angel asks if there's anything Connor wants to do. Connor finally stands to face Angel and admits that there is one thing he'd like. And then he suddenly attacks Angel, who quickly holds Connor's hands down. Connor quickly says, "Show me show me show me how you do that trick!" Effectively. Angel releases Connor's hands and confirms that Connor wants to learn how to fight, noting that he's already pretty good at it. Connor explains, "I want to learn." Then he looks straight at Angel and adds, "To be like you." That's great. Playing on Angel's ego. Awesome. I love this kid. Angel falls for it completely and grins as he admits, "There might be a thing or two that I could show you."

Down in the lobby, Angel gives Connor a lesson in kung fu. Gunn plays the role of vampire, holding a cushion to his torso so that Connor can "stake" him. Fred plays the innocent bystander, and Angel and Connor fight a little while Angel says things like, "Where's your balance? You lose it -- you lose." They finish sparring, and Angel encourages Connor, saying, "You've got heart." As they prepare to start again, Fred says she wants to play the vampire. Gunn adds, "I wanna be in a hot tub with Strega." It's possible that I imagined part of that. Cordy enters and demands, "I wanna know who's cleaning this stuff up." Aw, Mom's home. She spoils all the fun. Connor insists that he wants to go on with the tutorial, and Angel gets all proud of his son while Connor continues to be secretly evil. Evil! Angel asks if Cordy wants to join them at the movies tonight. He also calls her "Cor," which is disconcerting. Especially since I've been watching a lot of Danger Mouse recently. At first, Cordy is all for it, but then she remembers, "Groo and I are supposed to have some one-on-one time." Angel's hair looks so much like a Q-Tip right now. Which is a joke I just stole from some article Johanna used to make me a collage, so I don't know who came up with it or I'd give him or her credit. Anyway, Angel awkwardly admits that Cordy should spend time with Groo, and turns back to the combat training. "Vampire?" he calls. Fred hops up and grrs while making her hands into claws. Angel corrects her, "Vampire. You're not in Cats." Fred pulls her hands down and grrs more quietly. It doesn't recap well, but that was very funny. They all prepare to enact another scenario as the scene ends.

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