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Cordelia vs. The Radioactive Plot Twist

Holtz's body burns on a funeral pyre while Connor watches in a full Return of the Jedi.

At the Hyperion, Groo is slumped down on the couch in a way that seems likely to put a terrible strain on his lower back. But it's important that he do so, because that way Gunn and Fred won't be able to see him when they arrive. Which, needless to say, is what happens. Gunn and Fred assume nobody's home, which is slightly peculiar because it's not as if you can see the entire hotel from the lobby. Gunn frets, "We gotta find Angel and tell him we screwed up." Groo suddenly appears from the couch, startling Fred and Gunn. Groo explains, "Cordelia and Angel are upstairs trying out bedrooms." Gunn and Fred trade nervous looks until Groo adds, "For Angel's son."

Up in the hallway, Cordy is refusing to tell Connor about the birds and the bees. Angel insists, "Someone's gotta make sure he knows the facts of life. My track record with the whole man-woman thing isn't, you know -- I don't wanna use the words 'tragic farce,' but...." Heh. As they head downstairs, Cordy continues to protest, and Angel claims, "He's gonna have questions. Like, what do you do with a woman's Schlug-Tee, again?" Cordy gasps and smacks Angel on the arm, then leans in and whispers some threat in Angel's ear. This actually seemed like Cordelia again until that part. Whispering threats? I'm pretty sure Cordelia wouldn't have a problem with everyone hearing anything she says. Oh well. Angel finally turns his attention to Fred and Gunn, and asks where Connor is. Gunn admits that Connor overheard them discussing the fact that Angel had gone to see Holtz, and then ran away. Fred adds that they went to Holtz's apartment but didn't see Connor or Holtz there. Angel worries, "All he's gonna find is an empty room. He won't know what's happened." Cordy explains that Holtz left and that Connor will be staying with Angel from now on. Fred exclaims, "That's good! As long as we find him and tell him before --" Groo interrupts, "He's here." Cordy starts to ask how they can tell Connor before he's here, but then figures it out and everyone turns as Connor arrives. Angel walks over to Connor and greets him with an uncomfortable "Hey." Connor says that Holtz is gone. Angel says that he's sorry, and then stumbles a bit before saying, "He left." He pulls out the letter Holtz wrote and gives it to Connor. Connor reads it over and finally says, "He says my place is here now. With you." Angel somewhat obscurely says it isn't necessarily forever, and that Connor should give it a try. I was waiting for him to suggest that Connor could spend summers with Holtz or something, because I really wasn't sure what he meant by that. Connor nods and smiles a teeny bit as he agrees, "We'll give it a try." During the commercial break, Johanna calls to marvel at how evil Connor is. In a happy way. I mean, Johanna's happy at how evil Connor is. I'm not sure if Connor's happy about it or not. We also talk about all the lessons Holtz gave Connor in being an evil liar. The best part is, they build Holtz up as so obsessed that I can actually believe he would teach Connor how to smile at someone while plotting his death.

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