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Cordelia vs. The Radioactive Plot Twist

Cut to a truck, which drives off the road and out into a grassy area. Because of the truck, I automatically assumed it was Gunn and Fred, and thought, "Shouldn't they be looking for Connor? Is this really a good time to park?" Then I realized that it's actually Justine and Connor. So I moved on to wondering whether Justine traded in Wesley's SUV for this pick-up, and then I realized that Justine's really a car-stealin' kind o' gal, and stopped worrying about it so much. Connor looks around and asks, "No white cliffs?" Justine apologizes that there aren't any handy, but says this looks like "where he came from." I think that's a joke, because this looks like the same field that they used to represent the fields of York in a flashback. Maybe I'm wrong, but it looks pretty similar. And if I'm right, it's funny, so let's assume I'm right. Connor wistfully wonders whether it looks like "the ranch," and Justine is pleased to hear that Holtz told Connor about their plans to move to Utah. "That was our dream," she says. Connor dumps a bucket of cold water over her by saying, "He always told it before sleep. Him and me, where no one else could ever find us." Justine winces and agrees, then says that they need to bury Holtz. Connor pulls open some blankets in the back of the truck to reveal Holtz's body, while Justine picks up a shovel. Connor worries that Holtz was vamped, cueing a quick guilty flashback of Justine stabbing Holtz with an icepick. Connor leans over Holtz's body and whispers, "I will do as you taught me. I will cling to the good. I will lay waste to the evil." Yipes. He kisses Holtz's forehead before finishing, "Sleep now, Father. And forgive me." With that, he yanks the body out onto the ground and picks up an axe. Justine looks away as Connor beheads Holtz. I think they're both gonna need a lot of therapy.

Wesley seems to be at a psuedo-Irish bar, so that we realize he's choosing to be as miserable as possible. Lilah walks up to his table and asks, "Mind if I join you?" Wes doesn't look at her as he replies, "On many levels and with great intensity." Heh. I may file that away. He then pours a shot into his glass of beer, because he's too lame just to drop the shot glass right into the beer. Lilah sits down and asks if Wesley would like a soothing lozenge. Which also makes me laugh, because "lozenge" is a funny word. She comforts Wesley by insisting that she cares about him "as one human being to another." Then she grins and adds, "Just kidding!" Hee! Wesley really brings out the best in Lilah. She says that she does care about Wesley's "great big brain" going to waste, and asks if Connor is "without precedent in human history." Wesley insists, "Mesopotamian, Greek, Hindi, Celtic myth, the Bible, even Darwin -- all support the coming of something that wasn't possible before." That doesn't really answer her question, since she specified history, not scientific theory or myth. But it looks as if he's had a few boilermakers, so maybe he misunderstood the question. Lilah wonders if Connor signifies a new age or the end of the world. Wesley once again dodges the question by noting that "every child born carries into the world the possibility of salvation or slaughter." This is the great big brain that Lilah's so keen on? It seems to be full of platitudes. Lilah moves on to claiming that if Connor is bringing the nastiness, the MoG won't be able to handle it. She says, "If the kid's the next Stalin, do you kill him? You can't! He's Angel's son. But on the other hand, if you just watch while he up and kills Angel or somebody else...that cute girl from Texas, say?" At this point we can see that while she's been talking, Lilah's been making a little sculpture out of the sugar packets. Impressive! And funny. Wesley tells Lilah to leave, and Lilah asks what it was like when Justine slit his throat. Wesley instantly reaches over and grabs her throat, then finally looks at her as he asks, "Are you terribly anxious to find out?"

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