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Cordelia vs. The Radioactive Plot Twist

To prove Groo's point, we cut to Connor, sobbing over Holtz's body in the alley. Justine tells Connor that Holtz was going to leave town: "He just wanted to talk to Angelus." Connor's shocked to hear that Holtz was leaving, and mutters, "It's my fault. He'll pay." Justine offers to help kill Angel, because she's helpful that way. Connor shakes his head, and Justine starts to nag Connor about getting revenge. "What do you want to do?" she asks. Connor stares into the camera silently, because if he tells her now, it'll spoil the surprise. Credits.

Angel pops into one of the many, many spare rooms in the Hyperion. Cordy follows him in as he wonders aloud whether Connor would like the room. He notes, "Not too close to my room -- I don't want him to feel like I'm hovering." Definitely; it's disconcerting enough when Cordy does it. But I'm getting ahead of myself. After straightening a painting on the wall, he asks Cordy's opinion. She says, "I think it's just as good as the last five we looked at." Obligatory reminder that Connor calls himself Steven now, as Cordy tries to convince Angel that the room isn't that important. Angel, as usual, is distracted, and suddenly says, "I don't even own a TV! He's gonna want to watch TV. Not too much -- I mean, after homework and chores." I like imagining that Connor's chores will include slaying horrible monsters. "Aw, Dad, I was gonna kill the orc after dinner!" Comedy! Angel goes on burbling like that, and asks Cordy what a good allowance rate is these days: "Fifty cents? A dollar?" Aha! I'm taking that as a little support for my theory that Angel is incredibly wealthy, but he doesn't have enough financial sense to realize it. Just hush; it makes more sense than anything else. Cordy chirps, "Sure! If you're Tom Sawyer paintin' a fence."

Angel sighs, "He's gonna hate me," and sits down. Cordy sits next to him and does her usual bolstering up of Angel's ego, and I guess I should complain about her pastel blue eye shadow but it's almost reassuring to see her looking fashion-impaired. Angel goes on that he's a broody, blood-drinking creature of the night, and Cordy chimes in, "Plus, tight with a buck." Angel is jolted out of his self-absorption and looks at Cordy, and you can see him adding that to the list of ways she's insulted him this year. Hee. For the record, the list reads fat, melodramatic, pale, and now, cheap. Cordy insists that Connor will love Angel, because Angel has "the biggest and best heart of anyone [she's] ever known." Cordy's had a sad, sad life. Granted, Angel's pretty darn nice to her, but I think Gunn ought to come in first in the selfless department. Cordy reassures Angel that Connor's smart enough to figure it out, and then growls, "Feeling better, or do you need to keep looking at rooms?" Angel says, "Both," and Cordy makes a face, and I think Greenwalt gives good Cordelia. So there. Cary interrupts from the doorway, and offers Connor his old room. He announces that he's catching a flight to Las Vegas tomorrow night, and I'm just gonna figure there's a demonic airline and skip over that, if it's okay with you. ["Yeah, it's called Southwest." -- Wing Chun] Angel and Cordy are stunned by the news, and Angel asks if Cary's leaving because of Connor's anti-demon prejudice. Cary says that a friend has "a club just off the Strip, and he needs a singer and a seer." Wonder if that's near Circus Circus. Cordy wonders why Cary can't rebuild Caritas. Cary says, "That's a great idea, pixie-cat, 'cept every time I do, you all seem to destroy it." Cordy replies, "It was only...three times." Cary says he has "the big love," but it's time for him to go. He adds that he loves Connor, but hesitantly adds, "I just wouldn't turn my back on him any time soon."

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