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Cordelia vs. The Radioactive Plot Twist

Cordy goes on floating away, suspended by nothing but a flimsy premise, and Angel continues sinking under the weight of a season's worth of confusing characterization. We see Angel staring out into the murky water. He looks pretty darn bored already. I bet he's hoping he lands near some interesting fish. Or maybe a sunken pirate ship! Or maybe he's just wishing his name were Hugh Williams. Cordy, soft and only, Angel, lost and lonely. Cordy goes up, up, up towards a bright star-type-thing, and is finally absorbed into it after single-handedly undoing half of the good things about this episode. And season, for that matter. As she vanishes, The Powers That Be jump out from behind other stars and shout, "April Fools!" At least that's what happens in my version. Sure, it's strange, but is it as strange as Angel's dancing in the deepest oceans, twisting in the water? It's just like a dream. Or possibly a nightmare. Angel's metal casket sinks out of sight as the credits roll. To quote Sahjhan, "Have a good summer."

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