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Cordelia vs. The Radioactive Plot Twist

Skip nags Cordy to hurry up, and she grumps, "[If] I ever come face-to-face with those Powers That Be, we're going to have a talk." Skip says she's doing the right thing, and Cordy finishes her visiony requirements by repeating, "I'm scared. But I know it's right. I know somehow it's all gonna be all right." She asks what she should do, and Skip tells her to say "yes." Cordy says, "I already have." And then she's encased in cheese. Metaphorically. She gets glowy, and little yellow dots swirl around her as she slowly floats up off the highway. She smiles, dare one say, beatifically as she floats up, and this would have been so much more palatable if she'd had just one funny line. Even a simple "whee!" would have helped immensely.

Angel tells Connor, "Some day you'll learn the truth -- and you'll hate yourself. Don't. It's not your fault. I don't blame you." Aw, that's nice of him. Connor doesn't see it that way, though, and just calls Angel a liar again. Angel goes on shouting that he loves Connor as Connor and Justine lift a big lid up and onto the box. The lid shuts out the sound of Angel trying to be parental, but it does have a window so that we can see Angel making a very funny, very grumpy face. Hee. Look for it -- trust me. Justine and Connor slide bars into place to hold the lid on, and then Justine welds the bars onto the box frame. They're doing a lot to make sure we know that Angel is very, very securely held. Which is good from a long-term view, because it means we won't have to argue about how easy it would be for Angel to break out of there. But it's kind of dull to watch. Justine and Connor finish their work and then push the box off the boat and into the sea. It turns on end and slowly sinks. Angel is so lucky that he didn't sink upside down. That would really suck. Justine and Connor sail off, having traumatized a large-headed man with strange hair, and this all seems strangely familiar. Although it also gives me some ideas. Hey, Aaron? Lauren told me to tell you to meet her at Point Dume. No, really, I swear. (Psst, Jessica: You bring the steel cables, I'll bring the Mind of the Married Man tapes.)

We zip across Los Angeles and back to the Hyperion. Gunn comes downstairs as Fred asks if Connor was uninterested in a midnight snack. See, she eats a lot. And talks a lot. That's Fred for you. Gunn is wearing a violet shirt over a lemon yellow t-shirt. I love Gunn, but honestly, that's just awful. Gunn says that Connor isn't in his room, and Fred starts to worry about where the kid is. She suggests calling Cordy or Angel to let them know. Gunn says he tried to call them, but got no answer. Fred looks around and wonders, "Where'd everybody go?"

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