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Cordelia vs. The Radioactive Plot Twist

When we return, Angel and Connor stand up on the beach, and Connor attacks again. Connor repeats Angel's lesson: "It's all about balance. You lose it -- you lose." Then he tosses Angel across the sand. Well, at least Angel can comfort himself that Connor's making use of what Angel taught him. That's some consolation, I'm sure.

Cordy gets out of her car and looks around, which allows us to see that she's wearing the white ensemble that Future-Cordy was wearing. Suddenly Skip appears and says, "Don't be frightened," which, naturally, frightens Cordy. She asks him what's going on, and Skip replies, "I think you know." Cordy asks if she's dying, proving that she doesn't know, and Skip assures her that she isn't dying. Cordy smacks Skip on the arm and complains, "Say that part first!" Skip apologizes, and then tells her that she's a "great warrior," and that "the battle that we're all a part of is fought on many different planes and dimensions." He says that Cordy has become "a higher being." Yeah, I don't know either. She does look pretty here, though. And she's not making her eyebrows go pointy. Skip sums up the events of "Birthday" for folks coming in late, and adds, "The big test came when the Powers made you part demon. They bet the farm on you. Power corrupts, and they gave you a lot of power." Not to mention a high voltage. Skip says that Cordy has used her super-glow "to fight evil and heal Connor." Cordy adds, "And only that one time as a night light." Hi, Skip? She's known about the glowiness for less than seventy-two hours. That doesn't seem like enough time to really test her ability to withstand corruption. Cordy says, "It's ridiculous," signaling the start of the vision she saw earlier. This time she adds, "I'm just a somewhat normal girl who has visions, and glows, and occasionally blows things up with her crazy new power." She blew something up? Cool. Skip dreams of all the different ways she has to make herself glow. Cordy stares at Skip with wonder and declares, "I'm a higher being." Skip agrees, while across the nation optometrists report a sudden increase of people reporting muscles strained by excessive eye-rolling. Skip says that it's time for Cordy to move to a new level, and insists that she's ready. Cordy protests that she isn't, but finally concedes, "Maybe, if given enough time, I might even get used to the idea, but...." She looks at Skip and sadly asks, "I don't have enough time, do I?"

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