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Cordelia vs. The Radioactive Plot Twist

Can you believe it's been another season? Props to all you crazy kids in the forum. And a special shout-out to SNeaker and CCR, who have been like the devil and angel on my shoulders as I've swung from "That was good!" to "That was awful!" on a weekly basis. I'd also like to mention that I miss random. And people say I'm not sentimental.

Previously on Angel, Angel coddled Connor, Groo got the wrong idea, Cordy glowed, Wesley traded the baby for a sore throat, Angel slammed Holtz into a wall but didn't kill him, and Justine slammed Holtz into a wall. And killed him, too.

Groo enters the Hyperion from outside, carrying a tray on which there are a couple of clear glass mugs full of something brown. I think this sets a new record in confusing me, because I started wondering if he'd brought the drinks over from Cordy's apartment, and if so, if he'd walked all that way carrying a tray, or if he'd carried them on a cab ride without spilling the stuff. It turns out there's an explanation, though; I just wanted to share my bewilderment. Cordy's tidying up the office when she notices Groo and asks what he's carrying. Groo explains that it's Mock-Na, "a soothing brew to relieve tension." Cordy notes that the Mock-Na looks like muddy water, and Groo enthuses that the mud adds flavor. He adds that it also contains some plants from the garden, although he had to make substitutions for the Pylean plants. So that's why he came in from outside. Although it still seems like he should have gotten the plants and then taken them to the kitchen instead of mixing everything together outside. This is really unimportant, isn't it? Cordy grins, "So it's mock Mock-Na!" and waits for him to laugh. Instead, Groo just stares at her and hands her a glass. Johanna suggests that he should have said, "Oh, I get it. It's just not funny." Cordelia nervously sips the Mock-Na and fakes a satisfied reaction. Although not very well. Groo suggests that he could relax her further by "at first gently, and then more rapidly rubbing [her] Schlug-Tee." Cordy thinks that would be nicer back at her place, and moves closer to whisper that she's not comfortable having sex at the office. Groo explains that he was offering to massage her neck, then loudly enthuses, "But it is always an honor to make sex with you!" When did he become a Swinging Czech Brother? He leans in to whisper that they can have sex later at home, and Cordy mutters, "Angel." Groo snaps that he's not Angel, and Cordy says, "I know. He's back." And sure enough, he is. Cordy goes over to Angel and asks whether he overheard their conversation, and Angel denies hearing anything. She then asks what happened with Holtz, and Angel sums it up by saying, "I didn't kill him." Cordy deadpans, "Maybe you're growing as a person." Heh. Angel explains that Holtz wants Connor to stay at the Hyperion, and Cordy hugs Angel while chirping, "I'm so happy for you!" In the background, Groo sips some Mock-Na and grumbles, "Yes. It is a happy time."

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