The Trial

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The Trial

Previously on Angel, Cary welcomed some guests to Caritas. Hey, they must be feeding us this background for a reason. Somebody's gonna sing!

Cordelia and Wesley are lurking outside a door at the Hyperion marked "Authorized Personnel Only." Actually, it says "O ly," but I'm really good at Wheel of Fortune, so I figured it out in no time. Cordy is worried, because "he's been in that cellar a loooong time." Wesley says he hears a "chucka chucka" sound. They commiserate about how Angel has been preoccupied and quiet. That's so different from his usual extroverted behavior. Cordy's got some big ol' bangle earrings on. You know, Cordy, maybe if you didn't dress like a gypsy, Angel wouldn't avoid you. Wesley is wearing a white t-shirt under a...I'm not sure if it's a jacket or a shirt, actually. But the front panels are plaid, and that's all I need to know about it. Anyway, Cordy complains that Angel's obsessed with Darla, and says, "I thought you were gonna be a man, and talk to him about this!" Wesley claimed that he did talk to Angel, and asked him "things like, did he prefer milk or sugar in his tea." Off Cordy's look, he adds, "It's how men talk about these things in England." They suddenly realize that the "chucka chucka" noise has stopped, and dash away from the door.

Angel pops out with an armful of clothes and greets them. Cordy realizes that he was doing laundry. Angel smooshes his face in his shirt and asks, "Don't you just love it when they're still warm from the dryer?" He looks at the shirt and chuckles, "Wrinkle-free? Right! After you iron it for, like, fifteen minutes." Cordy notes that Angel is "calm and homey," and asks if he's on drugs. Angel apologizes for worrying them, adding, "Darla may never need my help. All I can do is be there for her, if and when she decides to come around." Wesley looks at Cordy, folds his arms, and smugly comments, "We had tea." Angel adds that all he can do is let go. Immediately, Gunn races in, announcing, "I found Darla! It wasn't easy, but you said, 'Keep looking.'" Angel begins looking over the surveillance photos that Gunn took, while Cordy complains, "You lied to us!" Angel agrees that he did. Wesley asks why, and Angel explains, "I figured you'd nag." So, Darla is staying at the Royal Viking Motel. There're three words that don't really go together. Gunn figures that Wolfram & Hart aren't paying for this low-rent establishment, and Angel decides they should go get Darla before those darn lawyers get their pesky hands on her again. As Angel and Gunn head for the door, Cordy firmly declares that she and Wesley aren't going to help "enable" Angel's addiction. The door swings shut. "Didn't we learn anything from the tea?" Wesley calls.

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