The Thin Dead Line

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The Thin Dead Line

The captain is sitting at his desk when Angel enters his office. As Angel strolls around casually, the captain asks what he's doing. Angel introduces himself. The captain suggests that Angel could find someone to help him downstairs. Angel says he needs to talk to the captain "about some of your more...dead cops." The captain laughs, stands up, and says, "Maybe we should talk about you, instead." With that, he pulls his gun out and shoots. Angel falls back, clutching his chest, and then straightens up in vamp-face. "How do I stop them?" he demands. He throws the captain around the office a little, then lifts him up by the neck and says, "I'll repeat the question." Meanwhile, cops climb up the outside of the building, crowding the doors and windows. They pull the bars off the window, pound on the door with one of them, uh, door-pounding things, and so on. "These are good cops!" the captain insists, as Angel pounds his head into a wall. "I won't betray them!" he cries, and shoves Angel away. The cop escapes through a hidden door behind a file cabinet, and disappears into John Malkovich's head. Well, not really, but wouldn't that be a twist? Angel hammers on the no-longer-secret door.

Cops are grabbing kids through the broken windows, dragging them outside. Glass breaks. Gunn tries to fight them off with a baseball bat. A cop grabs Anne's leg, and Cordy runs to the rescue. Maybe he's part of the fashion cops, and he just wants to replace her sneakers with some strappy pumps. Jackson pulls out his gun and opens the front door. Good idea, Jackson. He's immediately knocked down by a police baton. Gunn steps in and drives the cop away before re-locking the door. He pulls Jackson to his feet, and they share a moment of understanding and male bonding and all that, only not really, because they have nothing in common. At the back door, Cordy and Anne shout for help. Gunn and Jackson hurry to help them hold the doors closed.

The captain is in a nifty little voodoo shrine, with photos of dead officers, their badges & batons, and lots and lots of candles. The captain reaches into a trunk and starts pulling out a cross as Angel finally bursts in. Angel asks, "How are you controlling them?" He looks at a table, reaches into a bowl, and pulls out something red and drippy, like raw bacon. "The entrails?" he asks. The captain is nonplussed. Back at the shelter...well, more of the same, really. The cops are gradually getting inside. Doors are bursting open. Gunn is being grabbed, and not in the nice way that I would grab him. Etcetera. Angel spies a figurine and says, "Here we go, it's the idol of Granath. The zombie god!" The captain shouts, "Noooooooo!" as melodramatically as possible, and attacks. Angel smashes the captain over the head with the figurine, which turns out to be made of plaster as it crumbles to bits. The figurine is made of plaster, not the captain's head. At the shelter, all of the cops abruptly stop choking and fighting and menacing, and fall to the floor as if they're plumb tuckered out. We get to watch the cop who shot Wesley turn green with decay. Blech. Then there's an attempted fake scare as a cop's body suddenly falls to the floor from upstairs, but it's so fast and so blurry that it's just bewildering. Anne goes to check on the kids.

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