The Thin Dead Line

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The Thin Dead Line

Blipvert of storm clouds and lightning. The hell? Oh, I guess they have to explain why it's raining in this next shot, as the ambulance pulls up at the shelter. Er. Yeah, the shelter, not a hospital. Presumably Gunn's logic is that the cops would be racing to get to the hospital ahead of them. Gunn convinces the EMT to help cart Wesley into the shelter. Anne lets them in, and Gunn briefly summarizes the situation: "The cops, they're not human!" Anne backs up toward the door, then slowly reaches out to pull it shut. I totally expected a cop to grab her right there. But that doesn't happen. Instead, a police cruiser pulls up next to the ambulance. Inside is the cop Rondell shot, who picks up his radio and says, "All passengers are on board, sir." Cut to the captain, who instructs the cop: "Wait for backup. Secure the entire section. Clean house."

Wesley grips Gunn's hand and mutters, "He had no right." Cordelia hurries up and the EMT tells her to apply pressure to the wound. Gunn peers out a window and Anne asks if they're safe. "Safer than out there," is Gunn's none-too-comforting response. He tells her to lock the doors and keep people away from the windows. He's seen Night of the Living Dead, of course. The kids are herded around, and Jackson wanders up to see what the fuss is about. He spots Wesley's wound and says, "Now that looks nasty." Gunn isn't happy to see Jackson. Jackson says, "I say let 'em come, bro. I know how to handle cops." He pulls up his shirt to show off the gun dangling from his pants. That looks like it'll fall out any second. That would be so embarrassing. They snarl at each other for a while, since Gunn's all about helping the community and Jackson's more of an independent kind of guy. Jackson says he's just doing his thing, and Gunn says, "Your thing hurts everybody! Why do you think nobody cares [that] they're clamping down on this neighborhood?" Jackson suggests, "Because they're racist pigs." Gunn concedes the point, but adds, "There's people like you: a thug with a gun, keeping the cycle going." He doesn't mean the happy, hakuna matada cycle, either. Gunn points out that Wesley got shot because of all this. Jackson replies, "Oh, yeah, a white man dying. Not exactly losing sleep over it." Gunn shoves Jackson against a wall, and Anne hurries over to intervene.

The cop tells the captain that all units are in place. The captain says, "Go. Keep it quiet. No gunfire." Inside, the EMT loudly announces, "He's goin' south." Shouldn't you say things like that so that the patient can't hear? The EMT says that there's internal bleeding, and Wesley has to get to the hospital. Gunn says that they can't risk it, and Cordelia snarls, "I don't care who's out there!" Gunn backs down, tells Cordy to get the door, and starts to lift Wesley up again. Cordy opens the door just in time to see several police cars pull up, blocking the ambulance. She shuts the door again. She tells Gunn, "They're here." As lots and lots of cops march out, Gunn instructs everyone inside to block the windows with whatever's handy.

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