The Thin Dead Line

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The Thin Dead Line

After the ads, Gunn finally recovers enough to shout, "Wesleeeeey!" As the cop starts to spin around again, Gunn grabs him, and the gun falls to the ground. They tussle, and Rondell picks up the gun. The cop reaches down to his sock, and George shouts, "He's got another gun!" Big help you are, George. Rondell shoots the cop. Twice. Gunn runs to Wesley, and Rondell drops the gun. Dumb-ass. Wesley just looks surprised as he asks, "Is anyone else cold?" Gunn yells at the others to help him pick Wesley up. Rondell is understandably a bit stunned, and says, "I shot a police officer! Look at him, he's dead!" And then the cop sits up. "Don't look that dead," Gunn comments, before he and the others quickly drag Wesley away. The cop looks after them and uses his radio: "We have witnesses. I need backup." Gunn directs them into an alleyway, saying, "I have to stop this bleeding." They stop, and Wesley sits down and insists on calling 911. Rondell shouts, "Screw the cops! They're the ones that did this to you!" Gunn clarifies, "An ambulance." "Oh," says Rondell, and Gunn pulls out Wesley's phone.

Kate and Angel enter a suspiciously quiet police station. A cop comes out to the front desk. Kate shows her badge and says that she's investigating some complaints. The cop correctly suspects that this is a job for Internal Affairs, but Kate points out that nobody wants to be reminded of that crappy Richard Gere movie, and besides, she's got a personal interest in this. She asks why the station is so deserted, and the cop says there's not a lot going on: "Crime's way down in this district. We're doing things right." He credits the captain for this change, and Angel asks if they could speak to the captain. Nope, he's not there. Kate asks, "This captain of yours, he running things by the book?" The cop chews his apple and says, "I don't have to tell you who used to rule these streets, Lieutenant. The scumbags did!" Scumbags? Harsh words. He adds that they have "a tougher policy now."

Cut to Wesley's bloody shirt. I'm sorry, I just keep remembering Tim Roth's agonized wails in Resevoir Dogs, and that makes Wesley's pale, quiet, "I've suddenly come down with galloping consumption," take on a shot to the gut a little hard for me to care about. Rondell insists that an ambulance won't come into this neighborhood. Wesley sighs, "I don't think I'm doing very well," as Rondell wanders away to look for the ambulance. Gunn lies about how he's seen lots of people with worse wounds who did fine. He does a fine job with "trying to hide how panicked he is." Rondell races back and says that the ambulance is there. They all drag Wesley out. Cut to Wesley being lifted into the ambulance. Gunn tells Rondell and George to meet him back at the shelter, and hops into the back of the ambulance as it speeds away. Or, actually, it doesn't, since the end of the alley is blocked by two police cars. The driver gets out and marches up to the cops, saying that he has to get through. Gunn tries to shout a warning, but he's too late, as the driver is cut down by the police gauntlet. Gunn hops into the driver's seat and throws the ambulance into reverse. As he starts to turn, another police car pulls up behind them. Gunn steers the ambulance down an alley and crashes through a fence. A car chase! Yeay! Oh, apparently not. Boo.

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