The Thin Dead Line

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The Thin Dead Line

Anne's place is packed. She's still carrying blankets around. Where are those damn sleeping bags? There's a pounding at the door. Anne answers it and finds Cordy and Wesley. Anne tells them that Gunn left a while ago, and that he and his pals were going to film Gunn's Rodney King impression on 45th Street. I mean, she doesn't just volunteer all that; they have to ask. I'm just trying to save us all some time. Wesley takes off, and Cordy calls, "Check in with me!" Why can't she go, too? Oh, because she has to help Anne fold laundry. Okay. Oh, and for this: a girl is coming down the stairway in Cordy's pukey pink clown shirt. Cordy is stunned. She finally growls to Anne, "That crook at the store said it was one of a kind!" Y'know, that would have been funnier if they hadn't reminded us of the whole shirt saga in the "previously on" scenes. Because then it would be a little giggle for people who remember, instead of being spelled out at great length as if it were something other than a dumb gag. Anne finally prepares to close the front door, but is stopped when a black guy with a moustache appears in the doorway. "You know it's not safe for man or beast out here," he croons, clearly not at all worried or scared, and why does he want in, again? Anne tries to slam the door in his face as she says there aren't any free beds. He pushes his way past her, eyes some girls, and says, "I'm sure I can find someone willing to share." He's all sinister, you see. Anne asks him to leave, and Cordy backs her up. Mr. Sinister says he needs shelter, and bumps into Cordy as he walks past her. Cordy starts after him, but Anne pulls her back, saying, "I don't want any trouble." Um, 'cause that guy won't make trouble? And shouldn't Anne have developed some ways of keeping undesirables out of the place? Cordy gets a fun bit of closed captioning: "[Huffs.]" Further inside, Mr. Sinister bumps into Ray, who helpfully provides Mr. Sinister's real name: Jackson. Ray's a bit afraid of Jackson, but Jackson reassures him by saying, "I'd never kill you here, Ray. Not in front of all the pretty ladies." Well, that's comforting.

Gunn and his pals are walking down a deserted street, going over their plan. Gunn complains, "I've never had to look so hard to find trouble before." They arrive at 45th Street, and George says that this is gang territory and that even cops don't come here. So, why are they looking for cops there, then? As Gunn looks at the empty street, he says, "Damn. Did someone have an apocalypse and forget to invite us?" On cue, a cop approaches behind them. He tells them to get against the wall. George has the camcorder semi-hidden inside his jacket. Gunn asks if they're being arrested. The cop repeats his instruction for them to face the wall. Gunn asks if they broke any laws. The cop menaces them with his baton, and that's when Wesley runs up saying, "Wait, officer! This man is a friend of mine." The cop turns, pulls out his sidearm, and shoots Wesley in the stomach. Wesley gets all blurry, goes negative, and collapses. I hope that cop gets a medal.

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