The Thin Dead Line

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The Thin Dead Line

Police HQ. Hi, Kate. You've been visiting Cordy's hairdresser, I see. She discovers Angel sitting at her desk. They exchange awkward not-exactly-pleasantries. Kate tells Angel about her open cases: "Two women killed in a clothing store, thirteen lawyers from Wolfram & Hart, slaughtered in a wine cellar." Angel wishes her luck. Kate says, "Guess you never caught up with your vampire friends in time." Angel almost cheerfully says, "I did track 'em down later and set 'em on fire." Kate's not too impressed by that, and Angel finally cuts through the snarkiness by saying, "I guess, probably, this isn't the best time to tell you: I just killed a cop." Kate's not amused, and then Angel continues, "This is the kind of cop that [sic] keeps talking even after he's been decapitated." He hands Kate the headless policeman's badge and asks whose it was. Kate pulls up a file on the trusty computer, identifying the cop as Peter Harkes, who died six months ago. Angel asks, "You wanna take a ride?"

MoG's office. Wesley reads while Cordy talks with Gunn on the phone. She thinks Gunn might need their help. Gunn doesn't, and hangs up on her. Cordy tells Wesley about Gunn's plan to be a target for police brutality. She says, "Nothing says, 'Aha, I'm on to you,' like being on the receiving end of a vicious police beating!" Wesley agrees. "It's really a dumb plan." Cordy cracks me up when she says, "Gunn graduated with a major in dumb planning from Angel University! He sat at the feet of the master and learned well how to plan dumbly." Then Wesley and Cordy reassure each other that Gunn will be okay. They sit down to resume their eye research, and then Wesley says, "Right, let's get down there and save him from himself." Off they go into a super-duper blipvert. They're really jazzing these up. Angelmobile (with no sign of Kate in the car), graveyard, Kate's father's grave, Peter Harkes' grave.

Angel and Kate are taking a romantic stroll through a graveyard. Who knew Kate was goth? Kate points to Harkes' grave and says that the guy who shot Harkes is "up for the death penalty." The phrasing of that seems weird to me. Oh well. Angel says, "This ground's been disturbed in the past few weeks. Someone's done some digging." Kate asks how Angel can tell that. He gives her a "hello, vampire?" look. Which makes no sense. I don't remember "magical ability to tell how recently dirt has been moved" being one of the vampiric superpowers. Johanna suggests that maybe Angel's look meant, "Did you forget I have a degree in dirtology?" If the ground was disturbed, one could probably tell because the turf is turned over and there's new grass growing, or something like that. That would be fine. But Kate should be able to spot that, too. No damn sense. I'll move on. Angel asks if there are "a lot of cops buried here," which is an odd question, and Kate says there are. Angel takes about three steps, points down at the name "Kevin Helenbrook" and says, "What about him?" Kate confirms that Kevin was a cop. So Angel not only can sense when dirt has been disturbed, but can also correctly guess the profession of dead bodies. He should take this show on tour. Angel finally shares his explanation with Kate: "I think someone's unearthing dead cops and putting them back on the street." When Kate is bewildered by this, Angel rephrases his theory: "Zombies." Kate suddenly rushes away, and Angel galumphs over to where she's stopped by her father's grave. She asks Angel to use his dirtastic powers to tell her if he's walking the beat again. Angel says that her dad is still resting comfortably. Kate starts to get weepy. Angel stares awkwardly and finally asks, "You okay?" like a doofus. Kate ignores the dumb question and asks, "Who's doing this?" Both of them were pretty good in that scene. And in the dim lighting, Angel almost has cheekbones again.

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