The Thin Dead Line

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The Thin Dead Line

As they walk down the street, we see Angel lurking on a rooftop, watching them. He strolls along the top of a building and I am once again reminded of The Dukes of Hazaard. Anne and Gunn arrive at the shelter in Anne's van. Anne's van. That's fun to say. Angel watches from around a corner.

Inside, one of the kids says, "Look, the cops are tripping, G." Gunn replies, "Define 'tripping' for me." I wait for one of the kids to say, "Well, it's a slang term, meaning..." But they don't. The kids share stories of being beaten and having guns pulled on them. Anne insists that something must be done. Gunn asks Anne if he could have a minute alone with the kids. She leaves. It's never good when dad sends mom out of the room. Eek. Once Anne is gone, Gunn asks, "You guys tryin' to play her?" Gunn says that they shouldn't take advantage of Anne's trust. He asks one kid, Ray, if he's still dealing, and if maybe that's why the cops are after him. Ray assures Gunn that he's a fine, upstanding citizen now, and that they're telling the truth. These are some clean, attractive, and well-groomed homeless kids. Sorry, I keep getting fixated on reality.

Outside, Angel finally gets tired of staring at a door and strolls back down the alley. He's stopped when someone says, "Keep your hands where I can see 'em." It's a cop. Oh, hey -- Angel is wearing the trenchcoat again. Or he bought a new one. I imagine that after sitting in a sewer floor for a while, the old one was a bit stinky. Angel plays innocent, and the cop orders him to turn and put his hands on his head. When Angel doesn't, the cop whams him with his baton and shoves him against a fence. It's time for those two little words that say so much: they fight. The cop dutifully continues reciting the Miranda warning while Angel pummels him. Angel knocks the cop down and starts to leave, but the cop stands up again and insists, "You have the right to an attorney." Oh, don't mention lawyers around Angel. More fighting, and then the camera goes into blur-o-vision as Angel kicks the cop's head off. Angel stares as the severed head drones, "Do you understand your rights as IIIII haaaaave..." Again, props to the FX team. Pity you can't go back and redo "I Fall to Pieces."Though that episode would still suck, so don't bother, actually. As Angel notes that the head, and the body, suddenly look a bit decayed, we zoom in on the badge and go to commercial.

Actually, Anne's shelter bears a certain resemblance to the building where Melissa lived in "I Fall to Pieces." Back inside, Gunn introduces Anne to George and Rondell, two semi-friends of his. George brought a camcorder, and Gunn explains that he wants to capture some police brutality on tape. George and Rondell are already aware of the problem with the cops, much to Gunn's surprise. He grumbles, "Somebody coulda filled me in!" Rondell snarks, "You ain't been around to tell nothin' to." George says, "You've been movin' on up, dog, playing demon detective with your new family." Rondell chuckles, "Deluxe apartment in the sky." So, abandonment issues and tension are in evidence, and I wonder if Gunn might end up sympathizing with Angel's decision to cut his ties to the MoG a little, since he seems to have done much the same thing with his old pals. I hope so, 'cause I don't want to have to accuse Gunn of hypocrisy. I think some more stuff happens, but Gunn and Anne are both so darn pretty that I just stare at them. Gunn finally explains his plan: "I want you to roll the camcorder, wait for the cops to hassle us." Anne wonders, "How do you know they will?" Gunn snorts, "'Cause we'll be the ones walking while black." They head out.

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