The Thin Dead Line

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The Thin Dead Line

The sun does its march across the screen. Anne instructs another mute employee. Then she spies Kenny, and sits down with him and his girlfriend. She tries to find out what they were so scared of last night. Kenny insists, "It was cold out there, I was getting frostbit [sic]." Anne points out, "It was sixty-five degrees outside." Kenny explains that he's from Florida. Anne insists on the truth. Kenny finally explains that the he and Les (the girlfriend, I presume) were panhandling (which, when you think about it, is an odd word) when a policeman hit him and threw Les against a wall. Anne asks if the cop was trying to arrest them, but Kenny insists that the cop just attacked them. A light bulb goes off over Anne's head as she says, "I think I know someone who might help."

Cut to the MoG's office. Do they live there or something? Gunn turns to see Anne walk in the door and jumps up. "Annie!" he cries. They hug. Aw. Gunn introduces Anne to the others. Cordelia...oh, Cordelia. A black tube top and a leather bolero jacket. Not ugly, exactly, but not appropriate office wear. Gunn explains that Anne runs a shelter "not too far from my hood." Anne teases Gunn about his absence from his usual haunts lately. And what of his poor no-longer-Found Boys, I wonder? Did he at least leave them the crazy stake-shooting machine gun? Then Anne explains that she wants Gunn's help. Whoosh, time passes, and Anne has filled everyone in on their troubles with the police. Gunn notes, "Renegade cops...not exactly my usual." Anne says, "Oh, that's right. You used to hunt ---" and then looks around at Wesley and Cordy, who are doing third-eye research at a table. Gunn assures her that they know about vampires, and even worse things. Like karaoke bars. Anne says she should get back to the shelter, and Gunn offers to escort her, because he is gallant. He tells the others that he's going to try and help with the police problem. Cordy says, "Aw, gee, and miss out on this exciting case we're working on?" She explains about the girl who grew an eye in the back of her head, and Anne says, "Wow, that sounds...handy." She asks what kind of demon does that, and Wesley says that they're still trying to figure that out. He adds, "Once we know, we should be able to deoculate her. I mean, just the one in the back." Cordy quips for the sake of the plot, "Angel Investigations: home of the wicked high creep factor." Anne turns to Gunn and asks, "Angel?" Gunn starts to explain about their former employer, and Anne asks, "This isn't the guy in the long black trenchcoat, is it?" Which is an odd thing to say, since I thought that Angel gave up on his trenchcoat before he ran into Anne. The MoG stare at Anne, and she explains, "He tried to help me out a few weeks ago." The MoG exchange significant looks and Cordy asks, "He did?" Anne says, "But it turned out [that] it was just a scam to screw this law firm." The MoG are crestfallen. "He hasn't changed a bit," Cordy sniffs, and returns to her research. Exit Gunn and Anne.

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