The Thin Dead Line

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The Thin Dead Line

Cordy suddenly remembers that normally about now, someone would be talking about how they'd vanquished evil and didn't need Angel to help them at all. She realizes that, in contrast, the quiet is a pleasant change, but it's just not right somehow, and -- "Wesley!" she cries. She and Gunn hurry back to the sickbed. Or sickcouch. Gunn tells the EMT to get the ambulance ready. I didn't know ambulances needed a lot of prep-time. Jackson hurries past, and Gunn points to Wesley and asks, "Help me pick him up." Jackson smirks, "Sorry. Looks like the streets just got a lot safer for me. Time to go to work." Gunn and Cordelia stare at Jackson, horrified by this betrayal. Because of that time when Jackson seemed totally redeemed and willing to make sacrifices for the greater good. You remember that, right? No, me neither. Jackson leaves, and Cordy helps Gunn drag ol' Wesley back onto his feet for the thousandth time this evening. I think it's interesting that none of them spend even a second wondering why the zombies were un-zombified. I mean, nobody says one word about their incredibly lucky last-minute rescue. Maybe they knew it was 9:53 and things had to wind up.

Angel walks over to Kate's desk. He's changed into his leather jacket. That's a nice jacket. He sits down and cheerfully (for him) says, "I took care of our little cop problem." Kate nods and hands him a copy of the crime reports from that precinct. She proceeds to tell Angel what the report says, so that he doesn't have to puzzle out the pie graphs. "Up until three months ago, there was a murder every two weeks, a rape every two days, a robbery every hour and a half. That's what we just gave back to the people of that community." What does she mean, "we"? Angel says, "I can live with that." Kate says, "You learn to live with a lot of things, don't you?" The captioning says, "Yeah," but Angel doesn't. Apparently the captioning has it's own opinion on the issue. Kate says that her job is making her crazy. Angel knows the feeling. They look at each other ambiguously, and someone hands Kate another report. She looks it over and says, "Wyndom-Pryce, isn't that the guy that works for you?" So, Kate the super-detective is the only person in the entire city who doesn't know that Angel fired the MoG?

Wesley lies in a hospital bed, with all the beeping noises that involves. Gunn watches and leans forward as Wesley opens his eyes. "Heys" are exchanged. Wesley moans, "I have a feeling [that] I should be in a great deal of pain." Gunn agrees. Wesley eyes the tube connected to his arm and asks, "Is this morphine?" Gunn nods, and Wesley says, "Well, it's bloody lovely!" and giggles. Hands are manfully clasped. Outside, Angel lurks and stares at Wesley through those big windows that I've never seen in a real hospital room. He turns as if he's about to leave, but Cordelia's right there. And not happy to see him. She asks why Angel is there. Angel says he heard about Wesley. Cordelia says, "Too bad it takes a gunshot wound to make you give a crap! Wesley doesn't need you right now. We don't need you. You walked away. Do us a favor, and just stay away." Angel's his usual stoic self as he watches Cordy stomp off. To be fair, he didn't so much walk away as tell them to go away. He turns to watch as Cordy enters Wesley's room. And then he turns and leaves. Good, I was scared there was going to be a heartfelt reunion. Over Wesley. Which would be fine if it was in the "ding-dong, the fop is dead!" way, but since he survived, that didn't seem likely.

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